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Internship Guideline – outline for licensing

The following regulations have been extracted from the State Legislature page at

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LA R.S.37 – Professions & Occupations – Chapter 10 Embalming & Funeral Directors

Part 1. General Provisions

ACT 329 – 2020 Regular Session

37:831 Definitions

37:832 LSBEFD; Board Appointments; terms of office

37:833 Domicile of the Board

37:834 Filling of Vacancies; Failure to qualify

37:835 Certificate of Appointment

37:836 Oath of Office

37:837 Election of Officers

37:838 Salary and Expenses of members of Board

37:839 Quorum

37:840 Powers and Duties of the Board; rules and regulations

37:841 Certificates Issued under the LSBEFD, etc.

37.842 Minimum Qualifications for a License

37:843 Registration and Display of Certificate

37:844 Renewal

37:845 Fees

37:846 Refusal to grant or renew licenses; revocation or suspension; grounds; hearings

37:847 Hearings; subpoenas

37:848 Unlawful Practice

37:849 Injunction Proceedings

37:850 Penalty

37:851 Exemptions

37:852 Funeral Home Limousines

37:853 Identification of Caskets; Promulgation of rules

37:854 Continuing Education

37.855 Right to Arrange Funeral Goods and Services

Part II. Preneed Funeral Plans

37:861 Preneed Funeral Plans

37:862 Preneed Funeral Contracts

37:863 Substitution of guaranteed funeral goods and services

37:864 Cancellation of preneed funeral contracts

37:865 Restriction on use or disposition of funds

37:866 Penalties

37:867 Applicability

Part III. Crematory and Cremation Regulation

37:871 Unlawful Practice; exception

37:872 Qualifications for Licensure of a crematory retort operator; exception; compliance with other regulations

37:873 Requirements for Licensensure of a crematory authority; location of crematory; compliance with other regulations

37:874 Renewal

37:875 Fees

37:876 Authorizing Agent; notarial…

37:877 Authorization to arrange cremation; authorization to cremate; refusal to arrange cremation; refusal to cremate

Reference from LA R.S. 37:877 C. regarding LA R.S. 9:2601 (et seq) Electronic signature and electronic documents

37:878 Cremation Containers

37:879 Cremation Procedures; pacemakers; cremation retorts; refusal to accept a cremation container; unauthorized persons in crematory; simultaneous cremation of human remains of multiple persons; cremation residue; packaging and delivery of cremated human remains

37:880 Disposition of cremated human remains; refusal to release cremated human remains; prohibited activities

37:881 Refusal to grant or renew license; revocation or suspension; grounds; hearings

37:882 Violations; Penalties; hearings; subpoenas

37:883 Liability; authorizing agent; funeral director; funeral establishment and crematory authority; refusal to arrange or perform a cremation; refusal to release cremated human remains

37:884 Administration; promulgation of rules and regulations by Board and crematory authorities

37:885 Prearranged or Prepaid cremation services

Title 46 – Professional & Occupational Standards – Part XXXVII – Embalming & Funeral Directors These rules have been extracted from the LA Register which has been updated as of March 2016

Title 46 Table of Contents

Chapter 1 General Provisions – Special meetings, Advertising, Attire for embalmers, Mandatory Discolsure, Right of care of remains

Chapter 3. Application

Chapter 5. Examination

Chapter 7 License – Renewal and Reinstatement, Duplicate Certificate, License not Assignable, Reciprocal Requirements

Chapter 9. Internship

Chapter 11 Funeral Establishment – Application, Fixed Place, Charge of Funeral Establishment, Inspection, Identification on Caskets, Closure of Funeral Establishment, Sign on Vacant Lots

Chapter 13. Prohibited Practices

Chapter 15. Transportation

Chapter 17 Prepaid Funeral Services or Merchandise

Chapter 19. Survivor’s Clause

Chapter 20. Fees

Chapter 21 Rulemaking Process

Chapter 23 Injuction Proceedings; Penalty

The following regulations are pertinent to the LSBEFD’s regulations outlined above.  The information below are excerpts of the Laws and Rules; you may refer to the State Legislature page at to search and review the entire Law of relevance or The State Register at for the Louisiana Administrative Code (LAC).

LA RS 9:1551. Burial of Unclaimed Bodies

LA RS 13:5706 Coroner Fees

LA RS 22:143 Burial Policies

LA RS 32:81 / 32:300.3 Vehicles and Funeral Processions

LA R.S. 8.655 Cemetery

LA R.S. 40:4. Sanitary Code

Sanitary LAC Title 51 Part XXVI Embalming / Burial / Transport

LA R.S. 40:50 /40:52 /40:92. Vital Records

LA RS 14:103 Disturbing the Peace

LA RS 29:292 / 29:295 Military Burial and Cemetery