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Current Licenses

Funeral EstablishmentsLicense expires December 31st annually

Crematories – License expires May 15 annually

Individual Licensees 

Please note that ONLY current licensees are listed below;

You may search for a licensee by typing a name or a license number in the search box; or you have the option to scroll through the list.  If a name does not appear after a search, please contact the office for assistance.

If your information is not listed, please contact the office.

The individual licenses listed below that begin with an E (embalmer and funeral director) or U (funeral director) are current through December 31, 2021.  License numbers listed for retort operators are current through May 15, 2021.

NOTICE:  The list below does not identify the licensee as “active” or “inactive” status which depends upon the licensee’s current continuing education hours that have been received.  In order for a licensee to be verified as “active” or “inactive”, please contact our office with names and license numbers via email at  or by fax – 504.838.5112 for a written response.  
Updated on 8/10/2021 with regard to licenses renewed
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NameLicense #License Type
Abney, Lloyd W. Abney, Jr.E-2125Embalmer & Funeral Director
Abboud, Chad Abboud283Retort Operator
Accardo, Kurt A. AccardoE-2061Embalmer & Funeral Director
Achee, Ian Thomas AcheeE-2770Embalmer & Funeral Director
Acosta, Allison L. AcostaE-2767Embalmer & Funeral Director
Adams, Brian J. AdamsU-1488Funeral Director
Adams, Doris B. AdamsU-1531Funeral Director
Adams, Wesley C. WesleyU-1174Funeral Director
Addison, Earl, Sr. AddsionE-2662Embalmer & Funeral Director
Adkins, Martin AdkinsU-1692Funeral Director
Albritton, Clyde M. AlbrittonE-1500Embalmer & Funeral Director
Alderman, Christi D. AldermanE-2554Embalmer & Funeral Director
Alexander, Elizabeth C. AlexanderU-1029Funeral Director
Alexander, Gerard C. AlexanderE-1292Embalmer & Funeral Director
Alfred, Rosa Fondel AlfredE-2908Embalmer & Funeral Director
Allemond, James, Jr. AllemondE-2330Embalmer & Funeral Director
Allen, Bonnie AllenU-1173Funeral Director
Allen, Gene T. AllenE-1580Embalmer & Funeral Director
Allen, Robert A. AllenU-1524Funeral Director
Alvarez, Shannon G. AlvarezU-1577Funeral Director
Anderson, Charles D. AndersonE-1738Embalmer & Funeral Director
Anderson, James L. AndersonE-1370Embalmer & Funeral Director
Anderson, Melvin D. AndersonU-1383Funeral Director
Andrus, William W. AndrusE-1577Embalmer & Funeral Director
Angelle, Taylor Guidry AngelleE-2757Embalmer & Funeral Director
Antis, Andrianos G. AntisE-2592Embalmer & Funeral Director
Antis, Gus Antis289Retort Operator
Appel, John Appel, Jr.U-1667Funeral Director
Aquillard, Lonnelle AquillardU-1502Funeral Director
Arabie, Melinda D. ArabieU-1556Funeral Director
Arceneaux, Albert ArceneauxE-1409Embalmer & Funeral Director
Arceneaux, Aurelia B. ArceneauxU-1285Funeral Director
Ardoin, Anita ArdoinE-2561Funeral Director
Ardoin, Brandon Kyle Ardoin290Retort Operator
Ardoin, Brandon Kyle ArdoinE-2748Embalmer & Funeral Director
Artigue, Mary L. H. ArtigueU-1340Funeral Director
Astorga, Kathleen R. AstorgaU-1143Funeral Director
Atchley, Amanda AtchleyE-2901Embalmer & Funeral Director
Atchley, Amanda Atchley349Retort Operator
Atwell, Richard C. AtwellE-2267Embalmer & Funeral Director
Augurson, Evelyn D. AugursonE-2436Embalmer & Funeral Director
Aulds, Katherin B. AuldsU-1485Funeral Director
Austin, Bradley Scott AustinE-2697Embalmer & Funeral Director
Austin, Eraitt V., Austin II255Retort Operator
Austin, Lex Austin123Retort Operator
Austin, Lex W. AustinE-2343Embalmer & Funeral Director
Antley, Austyn AntleyE-2881Embalmer & Funeral Director
Autin, Frank J. Autin303Retort Operator
Autin, Kristen AutinE-2925Embalmer & Funeral Director
Avants, John E. AvantsE-2559Embalmer & Funeral Director
Avist, Anastasius L. AvistU-1453Funeral Director
Aymond, Jason J. Aymond, IIE-2277Embalmer & Funeral Director
Aymond, Paige AymondE-2920Embalmer & Funeral Director
Babcock, Keri Copeland BabcockE-2366Embalmer & Funeral Director
Babin, Devon BabinE-2787Embalmer & Funeral Director
Babin, Kelvin D. BabinE-1958Embalmer & Funeral Director
Babineaux, Robert D. BabineauxE-2118Embalmer & Funeral Director
Bagnell, William Bagnell1Retort Operator
Baines, ZeldaU-1706Funeral Director
Bagnell, William BagnellE-2418Embalmer & Funeral Director
Baird, Wm. R. Baird, Jr.E-1474Embalmer & Funeral Director
Ball, Morgan BallE-2906Embalmer & Funeral Director
Ball, Morgan Ball343Retort Operator
Ballinger, Jamie L. BallingerE-2829Embalmer & Funeral Director
Baloney, Carmen M. BaloneyU-1145Funeral Director
Baloney, Courtney G. BaloneyE-2620Embalmer & Funeral Director
Baloney, Shelia G. BaloneyU-1200Funeral Director
Bankson, Richard K. BanksonE-2264Embalmer & Funeral Director
Bankson, Richard K. Bankson122Retort Operator
Barber, Nicholaus O'Shea BarberE-2558Embalmer & Funeral Director
Barber, Nicholaus Barber304Retort Operator
Bardell, Kenneth BardellE-1386Embalmer & Funeral Director
Barnett, Brittany M. BarnettE-2668Embalmer & Funeral Director
Barnett, Sondra BarnettE-2633Embalmer & Funeral Director
Barnhart, Kelly Roussell BarnhartU-1671Funeral Director
Barnhill, Amy G. BarnhillU-1563Funeral Director
Barnhill, Benny R. BarnhillU-1675Funeral Director
Barras, Tristan C. Barras178Retort Operator
Barrett, Travis BarrettE-2711Embalmer & Funeral Director
Barrios, Mark BarriosE-2884Embalmer & Funeral Director
Barrios, Mark S. Barrios213Retort Operator
Barrows, Adrienne Zetty BarrowsE-2846Embalmer & Funeral Director
Barrows, Adrienne Zetty Barrows347Retort Operator
Bateaste, LaKeeshire K. BateasteE-2565Embalmer & Funeral Director
Bearden, Gail H. BeardenU-1066Funeral Director
Beauvais, Vickie J. Beauvais138Retort Operator
Beauvais, Vickie J. BeauvaisE-2290Embalmer & Funeral Director
Beckwith, John BeckwithE-2756Embalmer & Funeral Director
Beckwith, Michael D. BeckwithU-1454Funeral Director
Belgard, H. Emitte BelgardU-1272Funeral Director
Belk, Perry BelkE-2587Embalmer & Funeral Director
Bellard, Rachael K. BellardE-2871Embalmer & Funeral Director
Bender, Louisa BenderE-2763Embalmer & Funeral Director
Bennett, Dana F. BennettE-1876Embalmer & Funeral Director
Bennett, Johnny A. BennettE-1641Embalmer & Funeral Director
Benoit, Andre BenoitU-1708Funeral Director
Bergeron, Glenn J. Bergeron, IIE-2583Embalmer & Funeral Director
Bergeron, Glenn J. Bergeron, II41Retort Operator
Bernard, Lane M. BernardE-2635Embalmer & Funeral Director
Bernard, Stefan BernardU-1711Funeral Director
Berrios, Alvero J. Berrios206Retort Operator
Berrios, Alvaro J. BerriosE-2749Embalmer & Funeral Director
Bethke, Thomas L. BethkeE-2751Embalmer & Funeral Director
Billiot, Charlotte Billiot38Retort Operator
Billiot, Charlotte R. BilliotE-2447Embalmer & Funeral Director
Blackburn, Brian S. BlackburnE-2240Embalmer & Funeral Director
Blair, Glenn G. BlairE-2384Embalmer & Funeral Director
Blair, Kenneth W. BlairE-2319Embalmer & Funeral Director
Blanks, Wallace J. Blanks, Jr.E-1737Embalmer & Funeral Director
Bodet, Janice B. BodetU-1246Funeral Director
Boissiere, Lambert Boissiere, Jr.E-1379Embalmer & Funeral Director
Boissiere, Renard A. Boissiere, Sr.U-1069Funeral Director
Bonin, Michael BoninE-1632Embalmer & Funeral Director
Booker, Samuel Booker, Jr.E-2702Embalmer & Funeral Director
Boone, Charles S.G. BooneE-1323Embalmer & Funeral Director
Bordelon, Darin K. BordelonE-2284Embalmer & Funeral Director
Bordelon, Derek Bordelon319Retort Operator
Bordelon, James A. BordelonE-2500Embalmer & Funeral Director
Bordelon, James A. Bordelon374Retort Operator
Bordelon, Mark D. BordelonU-1443Funeral Director
Bordelon, Mark D. Bordelon23Retort Operator
Bordelon, Nicholas J. BordelonU-1241Funeral Director
Bordelon, Rebecca C. BordelonE-2295Embalmer & Funeral Director
Bordelon, Ray A. BordelonE-1488Embalmer & Funeral Director
Bordelon, Ryan BordelonE-2574Embalmer & Funeral Director
Borne, Peyton Borne349Retort Operator
Boudreaux, Stephen G. BoudreauxE-2371Embalmer & Funeral Director
Bougere, Jonathan W. BougereU-1615Funeral Director
Bouillion, Glenn A. Boullion, Jr.E-2042Embalmer & Funeral Director
Bouillion, Kermit Joseph BouillionE-2676Embalmer & Funeral Director
Bourg, Kelly N. BourgE-2438Embalmer & Funeral Director
Bourgeois, Kristen Bourgeois362Retort Operator
Bourque, Jennifer BourqueU-1721Funeral Director
Bourque, Randall J. BourqueE-2119Embalmer & Funeral Director
Bowden, Rondal Demale Bowden, Jr.E-2656Embalmer & Funeral Director
Bowen, Gerald D. BowenU-1681Funeral Director
Boyd, Donavin D. BoydE-2388Embalmer & Funeral Director
Boyd, Linear N. BoydE-2524Embalmer & Funeral Director
Boyd, Valerie BoydE-2455Embalmer & Funeral Director
Boyer, Pheris S. Boyer, Jr.U-1098Funeral Director
Boyt, Enoch R. BoytU-1510Funeral Director
Brady, Sherlita T. BradyE-2741Embalmer & Funeral Director
Branch, Steven W. BranchE-2083Embalmer & Funeral Director
Branigan, Michelle A. BraniganE-2768Embalmer & Funeral Director
Brasseaux, Shirley J. BrasseauxE-2092Embalmer & Funeral Director
Braud, Crystal BraudE-2773Embalmer & Funeral Director
Braud, Josephine M. BraudE-2151Embalmer & Funeral Director
Breaud, Timmy BreaudE-2495Embalmer & Funeral Director
Breaux, Alan B. BreauxE-1939Embalmer & Funeral Director
Breaux, Anna Marie W. BreauxU-1320Funeral Director
Breaux, Michelle M. BreauxU-1546Funeral Director
Breaux, Shelley Fontenot BreauxE-2174Embalmer & Funeral Director
Breazeale, Preslee BreazealeE-2888Embalmer & Funeral Director
Briede, Otto F. BriedeU-1249Funeral Director
Briede, Richard C. BriedeU-1130Funeral Director
Briggs, Monte L. BriggsE-1800Embalmer & Funeral Director
Brignac, Kerry L. BrignacE-2678Embalmer & Funeral Director
Brister, Julie BristerE-2882Embalmer & Funeral Director
Brocksmith, Ronald D. BrocksmithE-1666Embalmer & Funeral Director
Brooks, Chad J. BrooksE-2494Embalmer & Funeral Director
Brooks, Jarrod E. BrooksE-2578Embalmer & Funeral Director
Broussard, Blaire BroussardE-2801Embalmer & Funeral Director
Broussard, Devyn BroussardE-2924Embalmer & Funeral Director
Broussard-Primeaux, Jordan Broussard-Primeaux371Retort Operator
Broussard, Megan N. BroussardU-1642Funeral Director
Broussard, Ralph Broussard, Jr.E-2463Embalmer & Funeral Director
Brown, D. Joan Rhodes BrownU-1149Funeral Director
Brown, Heather BrownE-2859Embalmer and Funeral Director
Brown, Heidi Ann BrownE-2628Embalmer & Funeral Director
Brown, Henrietta E. BrownU-1158Funeral Director
Brown, John Keith BrownE-2607Embalmer & Funeral Director
Brown, Joyce ColemanU-1459Funeral Director
Brown, Kevin J. BrownE-2010Embalmer & Funeral Director
Brown, Samantha BrownE-2917Embalmer & Funeral Director
Bruhn, Natalie Bruhn375Retort Operator
Bruno, Carrie Kippers BrunoU-1594Funeral Director
Brunson, Eddie Mae BrunsonE-2003Embalmer & Funeral Director
Bryant, Shanna BryantE-2851Embalmer & Funeral Director
Bryant, Shanna Bryant262Retort Operator
Buchert, Kenan B. Buchert, Jr.E-2899Embalmer & Funeral Director
Buchert, Kenan B. Buchert, Jr.346Retort Operator
Buckliew, Alan S. BuckliewE-2045Embalmer & Funeral Director
Burl, Albert Burl, IIIE-2391Embalmer & Funeral Director
Burns, Phyllis C.L. BurnsU-1276Funeral Director
Butler, Cassandra M. ButlerE-2471Embalmer & Funeral Director
Butler, John Butler, Jr.E-2164Embalmer & Funeral Director
Bush, Reginald T. BushU-1686Funeral Director
Bynum, Terrance BynumE-2257Embalmer & Funeral Director
Byrom, Charles G. ByromU-823Funeral Director
Caffarel, Emily A. CaffarelE-2847Embalmer & Funeral Director
Caillouet, Matthew P. CaillouetE-2661Embalmer & Funeral Director
Caillouet, Matthew P. Caillouet335Retort Operator
Cain, Devinne M. CainU-1664Funeral Director
Cain, Jeffrey Cain112Retort Operator
Cain, Jeffrey S. CainE-2487Embalmer & Funeral Director
Calhoun, Sherry CalhounE-2819Embalmer & Funeral Director
Callais, Meagan C. CallaisE-2674Embalmer & Funeral Director
Calvey, Darrell CalveyE-1703Embalmer & Funeral Director
Camp, George M. CampE-1326Embalmer & Funeral Director
Campbell, Huey P. Campbell, Jr.039Retort Operator
Campbell, Huey P. Campbell, Jr.E-2117Embalmer & Funeral Director
Canna, JaVorius R. CannaE-2772Embalmer & Funeral Director
Cannon, Colon R. CannonE-1570Embalmer & Funeral Director
Cantor, Donna S. CantorE-2538Embalmer & Funeral Director
Carney, David CarneyE-1950Embalmer & Funeral Director
Carney, David Carney, IIIU-1665Funeral Director
Carr, Geoffrey M. CarrE-2739Embalmer & Funeral Director
Carr, Valerie N. CarrU-1648Funeral Director
Carroll, Brian A. CarrollU-1482Funeral Director
Carroll, Brian A. Carroll378Retort Operator
Carter, Lewis B. CarterE-1977Embalmer & Funeral Director
Carter, Tamarlion CarterU-1612Funeral Director
Carter, Victor E.B. CarterE-2389Embalmer & Funeral Director
Carter, Wilkadrick CarterE-2863Embalmer & Funeral Director
Castille, Emily C. CastilleE-2802Embalmer & Funeral Director
Castille, Paul W. CastilleE-1871Embalmer & Funeral Director
Cassaniti, Thomas CassanitiE-2918Embalmer & Funeral Director
Cathey, Everett CatheyE-1455Embalmer & Funeral Director
Caulfield, Douglas J. CaulfieldE-1614Embalmer & Funeral Director
Caulk, Robin E. CaulkE-2722Embalmer & Funeral Director
Caulk, Robin E. Caulk176Retort Operator
Chaddick, Lesley ChaddickE-1998Embalmer & Funeral Director
ChaJua, Naomi R. Cha-JuaE-2292Embalmer & Funeral Director
Chamberlin, Stephanie M. ChamberlinU-1467Funeral Director
Chapman, Iris ChapmanU-1724Funeral Director
Charbonnet, Louis Charbonnet, IIIE-1365Embalmer & Funeral Director
Charlet, C. Jordan CharletE-2341Embalmer & Funeral Director
Charlet, George J. Charlet, IIIU-1530Funeral Director
Charlet, Miriam J. CharletU-1473Funeral Director
Chatman, Travis ChatmanE-2456Embalmer & Funeral Director
Chenevert, Ernest R. ChenevertE-2059Embalmer & Funeral Director
Christ, Cassie N. ChristE-2443Embalmer & Funeral Director
Chutz, Catherine W. ChutzU-1434Funeral Director
Clark, Breann Clark368Retort Operator
Clark, Chris LaVette ClarkE-2260Embalmer & Funeral Director
Clark, Kimberly Clark369Retort Operator
Clark, Michael S. ClarkU-1169Funeral Director
Clark, Pamela Renee ClarkE-2372Embalmer & Funeral Director
Clay, Marvell ClayE-1776Embalmer & Funeral Director
Cloudet, Janet W. CloudetE-1539Embalmer & Funeral Director
Cloudet, Sullan Cloudet, Sr.E-1542Embalmer & Funeral Director
Cloudet, Sullandra L. CloudetU-1500Funeral Director
Cobb, Pierre CobbE-2856Embalmer & Funeral Director
Cole, Walter E. Cole, II082Retort Operator
Cole, Walter E. Cole, IIE-1724Embalmer & Funeral Director
Coleman, Ja'Corian ColemanU-1704Funeral Director
Coleman, Lillie Marie ColemanE-2470Embalmer & Funeral Director
Collado, Mike L. ColladoE-2173Embalmer & Funeral Director
Collett, Anthony S. CollettU-1193Funeral Director
Colligan, Jonathan Colligan389Retort Operator
Collins, Darcelle R. CollinsU-1358Funeral Director
Comardelle, Delbert P. ComardelleE-1993Embalmer & Funeral Director
Combre, Marcus J. CombreE-2315Embalmer & Funeral Director
Combre, Warren H. Combre, Jr.U-1250Funeral Director
Comeaux, Claude A. Comeaux, Jr.E-2288Embalmer & Funeral Director
Conner, Colby Conner358Retort Operator
Conners, Shawn P. ConnersU-1417Funeral Director
Cook, Alfred E. Cook, Jr.E-1751Embalmer & Funeral Director
Cooper, Naomi CooperU-1703Funeral Director
Cormier, Damon CormierE-2433Embalmer & Funeral Director
Cormier, Monica Cormier370Retort Operator
Cortez, Mark P. CortezE-1829Embalmer & Funeral Director
Cotton, Roger D. CottonE-2188Embalmer & Funeral Director
Courville, Troy E. CourvilleE-2162Embalmer & Funeral Director
Cox, Debra G. CoxU-1251Funeral Director
Cox, James Steven CoxE-1952Embalmer & Funeral Director
Cox, Juanita CoxE-2894Embalmer & Funeral Director
Craig, Brandy M. CraigE-2745Embalmer & Funeral Director
Craig, Joshua CraigE-2883Embalmer & Funeral Director
Crain, Kristal CrainE-2793Embalmer & Funeral Director
Crain, LaJuana P. CrainU-1650Funeral Director
Crain, Robert W. Crain, Jr.E-2475Embalmer & Funeral Director
Cranmer, Morgan CranmerE-2842Embalmer & Funeral Director
Credeur, David R. CredeurE-2580Embalmer & Funeral Director
Credeur, Glen D. Credeur88Retort Operator
Cristadoro, Rona Koenig-CristadoroE-2762Embalmer & Funeral Director
Cristadoro, Rona K. Cristadoro305Retort Operator
Crosby, Caesar Ann CrosbyU-1436Funeral Director
Crosby, Lori Jane CrosbyE-2700Embalmer & Funeral Director
Cross, Eddie Cross, IV326Retort Operator
Crum, Jason CrumE-2567Embalmer & Funeral Director
Cuccio, Frank A. CuccioE-2079Embalmer & Funeral Director
Cummings, Irvin L. CummingsE-2105Embalmer & Funeral Director
Cummings, James B. CummingsE-1745Embalmer & Funeral Director
Cunningham, ohn F. CunninghamE-1910Embalmer & Funeral Director
Curry, Meri I. CurryU-1195Funeral Director
Curry, Shirley Ann Daniel CurryU-1571Funeral Director
Curtis, Paulette M. Curtis144Retort Operator
Cyprian, Yolonda R. CyprianU-1593Funeral Director
Dabbs, Debergeen A. DabbsU-1327Funeral Director
Daigle, Jerrod DaigleE-2303Embalmer & Funeral Director
Daigle, Jerrod Daigle339Retort Operator
Daigle, Millard J. DaigleE-2018Embalmer & Funeral Director
Daigrepont, Scotty J. DaigrepontE-2142Embalmer & Funeral Director
Daniel, Jimmie C. Daniel, IIE-2190Embalmer & Funeral Director
Daniel, Jimmie C. Daniel, II150Retort Operator
Daniel, Tiffany Landry Daniel149Retort Operator
Darby, Jerry J. Darby, IIIE-2769Embalmer & Funeral Director
Darby, Jerry J. Darby, III300Retort Operator
Darden, Darrell Darden385Retort Operator
Darden, Ruffus Frank Darden, IIIE-1919Embalmer & Funeral Director
Darnell, Donnesha M. DarnellE-2807Embalmer & Funeral Director
Daste, Carla Robert DasteE-2322Embalmer & Funeral Director
Dauzat, Robbie A. DauzatE-2228Embalmer & Funeral Director
Dauzat, Robbie Dauzat203Retort Operator
Dauzat, Wayne Dauzat170Retort Operator
Dave, Allen L. Dave, Jr.U-1643Funeral Director
Daves, Brian William DavesE-2820Embalmer & Funeral Director
David, Allie DavidE-2876Embalmer & Funeral Director
David, Danny J. David, Jr.E-2168Embalmer & Funeral Director
David, Danny J. David, Sr.E-1588Embalmer & Funeral Director
David, Kemp Joseph DavidE-2579Embalmer & Funeral Director
David, Lance M. DavidE-2725Embalmer & Funeral Director
David, Lance M. David240Retort Operator
David, Richard G. DavidE-1700Embalmer & Funeral Director
David, Richard G. David239Retort Operator
David, Royal J. DavidE-1911Embalmer & Funeral Director
Davis, Cecile DavisU-1283Funeral Director
Davis, Charlene DavisU-1670Funeral Director
Davis, Daniel H. DavisE-1667Embalmer & Funeral Director
Davis, Felicia F. DavisU-1433Funeral Director
Davis, Gerald A. Davis, IIU-1427Funeral Director
Davis, Hall L. Davis, IVE-1760Embalmer & Funeral Director
Davis, Hall L. Davis, VU-1731Funeral Director
Davis, Kendra M. Bailey DavisU-1294Funeral Director
Davis, Lynnette DavisE-2775Embalmer & Funeral Director
Davis, Rodney J. DavisE-2098Embalmer & Funeral Director
Davis, Ronald R. DavisE-1518Embalmer & Funeral Director
Davis, Victoria Elizabeth DavisE-2758Embalmer & Funeral Director
Davis, Willie P. Davis, Jr.U-1313Funeral Director
Davis, Willie P. Davis, IIIU-1732Funeral Director
Dawson, Victor A. DawsonE-2152Embalmer & Funeral Director
Day, Jerry L. Day194Retort Operator
Day, William DayE-1602Embalmer & Funeral Director
Day-Yeatts, Lara Day-YeattsE-2912Embalmer & Funeral Director
Deichmann, Kyle DeichmannE-2545Embalmer & Funeral Director
Deichmann, Kyle E. Deichmann118Retort Operator
Delamar, Corey DelamarE-2904Embalmer & Funeral Director
Delamar, Corey Delamar328Retort Operator
Delery, Amy K. DeleryU-1165Funeral Director
Delhomme, Duane F. DelhommeU-1194Funeral Director
Delhomme, Gabriel R.T. DelhommeE-2440Embalmer & Funeral Director
Demasiliere, Errol R. Demasiliere, Jr.U-1366Funeral Director
Demby, Charlene M. DembyU-1186Funeral Director
Demby, LaBelle H. DembyU-1376Funeral Director
Dennard, Troy J. DennardE-2199Embalmer & Funeral Director
Derouen, Eddie E. Derouen, Jr.E-2573Embalmer & Funeral Director
Derouen, Walter J. Derouen, Jr.241Retort Operator
Derouin, John A. DerouinE-1999Embalmer & Funeral Director
Descant, Cory DescantU-1586Funeral Director
Desonier, Amelia DesonierE-2828Embalmer & Funeral Director
DeSoto, Lydia S. DeSotoU-1499Funeral Director
Deville, Thomas W. DevilleE-1713Embalmer & Funeral Director
Dickerson, Carmaine D. DickersonU-1623Funeral Director
Dickinson, Jason DickinsonE-2922Embalmer & Funeral Director
Dinger, Candace DingerE-2597Embalmer & Funeral Director
Dixon, Brittany R. DixonU-1607Funeral Director
Dixon, Darrin L. DixonU-1404Funeral Director
Dixon, Marqua'll J. DixonE-2649Embalmer & Funeral Director
Dodge, Chris Roy DodgeE-2127Embalmer & Funeral Director
Domingues, Wayne DominguesE-1665Embalmer & Funeral Director
Donewar, Barry A. DonewarE-1946Embalmer & Funeral Director
Dooley, Kearn A. DooleyE-2501Embalmer & Funeral Director
Dornan, Walter R. Dornan, Jr.U-1445Funeral Director
Douglas, Andrae DouglasU-1176Funeral Director
Douglas, Kenneth W. Douglas, IIE-2311Embalmer & Funeral Director
Douglas, William H. Douglas, Sr.E-1996Embalmer & Funeral Director
Downs, Keith A. DownsE-2441Embalmer & Funeral Director
Doyle, Donald DoyleE-1806Embalmer & Funeral Director
Doyle, Jennifer C. DoyleE-2615Embalmer & Funeral Director
Draper, Lemuel D. DraperE-2645Embalmer & Funeral Director
Drewery, Charles M. DreweryU-1253Funeral Director
Droddy, Tommy DroddyE-2890Embalmer & Funeral Director
Drouant, Darren DrouantE-2415Embalmer & Funeral Director
Ducat, Wendy L. DucatU-1652Funeral Director
Ducote, Anthony P. DucoteE-2097Embalmer & Funeral Director
Ducote, Bobby DucoteE-2504Embalmer & Funeral Director
Ducote, Bobby J. Ducote187Retort Operator
Ducote, Corey Ducote352Retort Operator
Ducote, David F. DucoteE-1716Embalmer & Funeral Director
Ducote, Dennis Ray DucoteE-2154Embalmer & Funeral Director
Ducote, Marie R. DucoteU-1478Funeral Director
Dufour, R. Allen DufourU-1449Funeral Director
Dufrene, Gerard DufreneE-1825Embalmer & Funeral Director
Dugal, Edgar E. Dugal, IIIU-1526Funeral Director
Dugal, Edgar E. Dugal, III46Retort Operator
Dugas, Ryan Dugas342Retort Operator
Duhon, Joyce L. DuhonU-1307Funeral Director
Dumas, Vivian DumasE-1798Embalmer & Funeral Director
Duncan, Sabrina B. DuncanU-1357Funeral Director
Duncan, Sandra R. DuncanE-1600Embalmer & Funeral Director
Dunn, Leonard Dunn142Retort Operator
Dunn, Leonard J. DunnE-1675Embalmer & Funeral Director
Dunn, Paul F. Dunn, Jr.236Retort Operator
Dupre, Eugene R. Dupre, IIE-2451Embalmer & Funeral Director
Duran, Ronald R. DuranE-1658Embalmer & Funeral Director
Duty, Shirley M. DutyU-1495Funeral Director
Eagan, Charles J. Eagan, IIE-1915Embalmer & Funeral Director
Eagan, Frederick Leitz EaganU-1629Funeral Director
Eagan. Charles J. Eagan, IIIU-1598Funeral Director
Eagan, Maura Eagan U-1707Funeral Director
Early, Darry H. EarlyE-1813Embalmer & Funeral Director
Early, Ray Early, Jr.E-2691Embalmer & Funeral Director
Eastland, David B. EastlandU-1541Funeral Director
Eddleman, Perry L. EddlemanE-2133Embalmer & Funeral Director
Edsall, Claire L. EdsallE-2715Embalmer & Funeral Director
Edwards, Alvin Edwards, Sr. E-2024Embalmer & Funeral Director
Eidson, Davis Jr., Eidson384Retort Operator
Elder, Jack R. ElderE-2703Embalmer & Funeral Director
Elder, Jack R. Elder166Retort Operator
Elerson, Debra ElersonE-2713Embalmer & Funeral Director
Elliott, Paul D. ElliottE-1886Embalmer & Funeral Director
Elliott, Walt Edwin ElliottE-2305Embalmer & Funeral Director
Elmer, Bo Justin Paul ElmerE-2746Embalmer & Funeral Director
Ennis, Nathan Ennis291Retort Operator
Eppinette, Frank M. EppinetteU-1311Funeral Director
Erickson, Michelle EricksonE-2627Embalmer & Funeral Director
Escude, Gaon EscudeE-1267Embalmer & Funeral Director
Escude, Ira L. EscudeE-1480Embalmer & Funeral Director
Espinosa, Isabel EspinosaE-2684Embalmer & Funeral Director
Evans, Charles E. Evans, Jr.E-2208Embalmer & Funeral Director
Ewell, Pauline B. EwellU-1450Funeral Director
Faktor, Martin J. FaktorE-2324Embalmer & Funeral Director
Fann, Naomi FannE-2594Embalmer & Funeral Director
Farr, Melisa M. FarrE-2486Embalmer & Funeral Director
Farrington, Wanda Bailey FarringtonU-1603Funeral Director
Farris, Katie A. FarrisE-2843Embalmer & Funeral Director
Fenner, Kevin B. FennerU-1430Funeral Director
Ferrington, Ronald Dean FerringtonU-1552Funeral Director
Fielding, Benjamin B. FieldingE-2398Embalmer & Funeral Director
Fielding, Benjamin B. Fielding62Retort Operator
Fielding, Edward J. Fielding76Retort Operator
Fielding, Edward J. Fielding, IIIE-1610Embalmer & Funeral Director
Fielding, Reginald J, Fielding63Retort Operator
Fielding, Reginald J. FieldingE-2480Embalmer & Funeral Director
Fielding, Richard S. Fielding, IIE-2743Embalmer & Funeral Director
Fielding, Richard S. Fielding, II140Retort Operator
Fields, Vandra M. FieldsE-2839Embalmer & Funeral Director
Fields, Vandra M. Fields329Retort Operator
Fleet, Joseph N. FleetE-1676Embalmer & Funeral Director
Fleet, Margot A. FleetU-1477Funeral Director
Fleming, Joseph E. Fleming185Retort Operator
Fleming, Scotty L. FlemingE-1537Embalmer & Funeral Director
Fluitt, Arthur S. FluittE-1375Embalmer & Funeral Director
Fluitt, Arthur S. Fluitt24Retort Operator
Folse, Vonn A. Folse171Retort Operator
Folse, Vonn FolseE-2572Embalmer & Funeral Director
Fondel, George C. FondelE-1388Embalmer & Funeral Director
Fondel, Raymond M. Fondel, Jr.U-1619Funeral Director
Fontenot, Kimberly R.L. FontenotE-2180Embalmer & Funeral Director
Ford, Danny R. FordU-1240Funeral Director
Ford, Danny R. Ford14Retort Operator
Ford, Elizabeth Gambino FordU-1632Funeral Director
Ford, Frank L. FordU-1396Funeral Director
Foreman, Aaron Foreman393Retort Operator
Foreman, Charlie J. ForemanU-1403Funeral Director
Foreman, Raymond E. ForemanE-1809Embalmer & Funeral Director
Foreman, Raymond E. Foreman359Retort Operator
Foreman, Scott W. ForemanE-2452Embalmer & Funeral Director
Foret, Lillie B. ForetE-2422Embalmer & Funeral Director
Fortune, Aason Jondrell FortuneE-2685Embalmer & Funeral Director
Fortune, Aason Jondrell Fortune387Retort Operator
Foulon, Taini Laurent FoulonU-1693Funeral Director
Fowler, Sarah Fowler401Retort Operator
Francois, Theodore J. FrancoisE-2698Embalmer & Funeral Director
Frank, Edna Lanette FrankU-1528Funeral Director
Frank, Pythias A. FrankU-1299Funeral Director
Franklin, Rickey Lee FranklinU-1384Funeral Director
Frazier, Gwendolyn J. FrazierU-1233Funeral Director
Frioux, Walter S. FriouxE-2351Embalmer & Funeral Director
Gaillot, William E. Gaillot, Jr.90Retort Operator
Gallagher, Brian GallagherE-2258Embalmer & Funeral Director
Gallagher, Keith D. GallagherE-2012Embalmer & Funeral Director
Gallagher, Keith Gallagher, Sr.191Retort Operator
Galman, Sharon Ann GalmanE-2411Embalmer & Funeral Director
Ganote, Melissa M. GanoteU-1414Funeral Director
Gardiner, Jarrod J. GardinerE-2169Embalmer & Funeral Director
Gardiner, Todd G. GardinerE-1885Embalmer & Funeral Director
Garland, Thomas O. GarlandE-1367Embalmer & Funeral Director
Garrett, Jeffrey B. GarrettE-2016Embalmer & Funeral Director
Garrett, Thomas Harold GarrettU-1523Funeral Director
Garris, Danny GarrisE-2178Embalmer & Funeral Director
Gaspard, Kimberly N. GaspardU-1679Funeral Director
Gaudet, Jerry P. Gaudet64Retort Operator
Gaudin, Lauren GaudinU-1628Funeral Director
Gauthier, Deborah Guidry-GauthierU-1591Funeral Director
Gautreaux, Elizabeth L. GautreauxE-2870Embalmer & Funeral Director
Gayden, Charles E. GaydenE-2146Embalmer & Funeral Director
Geesey, Roy J. GeeseyE-1787Embalmer & Funeral Director
Gentry, Robert G. GentryE-2053Embalmer & Funeral Director
George, Parris George351Retort Operator
Gerkin, Caryl Leigh GerkinU-1658Funeral Director
Gholson, Charles T. GholsonE-1619Embalmer & Funeral Director
Giblin, Susan M. GiblinU-1127Funeral Director
Gibson, Keimond350Retort Operator
Gibson, Malcolm L. GibsonE-2431Embalmer & Funeral Director
Gibson, Malcolm Gibson190Retort Operator
Gibson, Malik Gibson 317Retort Operator
Gill, Craig G. GillE-2037Embalmer & Funeral Director
Gillis, Aubrey G. GillisE-1695Embalmer & Funeral Director
Gilmer, Phillip GilmerE-1767Embalmer & Funeral Director
Ginn, Bobby Joe Ginn, Jr.U-1710Funeral Director
Girlinghouse, Tracy J. Girlinghouse79Retort Operator
Giroir, Krystal GiroirE-2299Embalmer & Funeral Director
Godejohn, James M. GodejohnE-2363Embalmer & Funeral Director
Goings, Arbie Goings, Jr.E-2131Embalmer & Funeral Director
Gomez, Octavio Hernan Gomez267Retort Operator
Gomez, Octavio Hernan GomezE-2832Embalmer & Funeral Director
Gomez, Pamela M. Gomez97Retort Operator
Gooden, Estelle B. GoodenU-1440Funeral Director
Goodson, Kristin K. GoodsonU-1633Funeral Director
Gorsulowsky, Thomas B. GorsulowskyE-1832Embalmer & Funeral Director
Grant, Janee GrantE-2865
Grant, Joyce Miller GrantU-1550Funeral Director
Grant, Kevin J. Grant274Retort Operator
Grant, Kevin Joseph GrantU-1569Funeral Director
Grant, Mark Grant, Jr.U-1657Funeral Director
Green, Connie GreenE-2752Embalmer & Funeral Director
Green, Jazlyn L. GreenE-2726Embalmer & Funeral Director
Greene, Kirk A. GreeneE-1904Embalmer & Funeral Director
Gregorio, Maria A. GregorioE-2072Embalmer & Funeral Director
Gremillion, Coy GremillionE-2655Embalmer & Funeral Director
Gremillion, Coy Gremillion54Retort Operator
Gremillion, Deanna GremillionU-1542Funeral Director
Gremillion, Deanna Gremillion65Retort Operator
Grieshaber, Dom C. Grieshaber, Jr.U-1582Funeral Director
Griffin, Beverly S. GriffinE-1693Embalmer & Funeral Director
Griffin, Kenneth L. GriffinE-1937Embalmer & Funeral Director
Griffin, Kenneth L. Griffin161Retort Operator
Griffin, Robert Griffin295Retort Operator
Grinstead, Barbara M. GrinsteadU-1391Funeral Director
Gros, Caroline GrosU-1697Funeral Director
Gros, Patrick Reed Gros399Retort Operator
Gros, Patrick Reed GrosE-2150Embalmer & Funeral Director
Guidry, Cody W. GuidryU-1605Funeral Director
Guidry, Harrell J. GuidryE-2246Embalmer & Funeral Director
Guidry, Manuela M. GuidryE-2466Embalmer & Funeral Director
Guidry, Nelson J. Guidry, Jr.E-2026Embalmer & Funeral Director
Guidry, Raymond J. Guidry, Jr.E-1559Embalmer & Funeral Director
Guidry, Walton J. Guidry, Jr.E-1721Embalmer & Funeral Director
Guilbeau, Herd GuilbeauU-1295Funeral Director
Guilbeau, Lexie J. GuilbeauE-2706Embalmer & Funeral Director
Guilbeau, Lexie J. Guilbeau177Retort Operator
Guillory, Eligha Jr. GuilloryU-1716Funeral Director
Guillory, Foster GuilloryE-1968Embalmer & Funeral Director
Guillory, Foster Guillory133Retort Operator
Hahn, Edward J. HahnE-1650Embalmer & Funeral Director
Hales, Bobby W. HalesE-2155Embalmer & Funeral Director
Hales, WIlliam B. HalesU1659Funeral Director
Hall, Harry HallE-1532Embalmer & Funeral Director
Halphen, Corey M. HalphenE-2310Embalmer & Funeral Director
Halphen, Corey M. Halphen80Retort Operator
Hambrick, Darryl T. HambrickU-1316Funeral Director
Hamilton, Debra A. HamiltonU-1317Funeral Director
Hamilton, Jason P. HamiltonE-2771Embalmer & Funeral Director
Hankins, Andrew D. HankinsU-1590Funeral Director
Happel, Steve HappelU-1507Funeral Director
Harness, Carolyn HarnessE-2852Embalmer & Funeral Director
Hargrave, Martin P. HargraveE-2197Embalmer & Funeral Director
Harmon, Harriet HarmonE-2921Embalmer & Funeral Director
Harper, Arvis L. Harper121Retort Operator
Harrington, Marybeth HarringtonE-2672Embalmer & Funeral Director
Harrington, Marybeth Harrington186Retort Operator
Harris, Don R. HarrisE-1589Embalmer & Funeral Director
Harris, Terolyn D. HarrisU-1301Funeral Director
Harrison, Velma HarrisonU-1282Funeral Director
Hartman, Charles W. Hartman294Retort Operator
Hartman, Chastity HartmanE-2830Embalmer & Funeral Director
Hartman, J. Matthew HartmanE-1945Embalmer & Funeral Director
Hartman, Laurice V. HartmanE-2737Embalmer & Funeral Director
Hartman, Laurice V. Hartman237Retort Operator
Hasson, Kevin HassonE-2804Embalmer & Funeral Director
Hawn, Charleston M. Hawn, Jr.E-2224Embalmer & Funeral Director
Hawn, Craig S. HawnE-2338Embalmer & Funeral Director
Hayden, Jesse T. Hayden, Jr.E-1495Embalmer & Funeral Director
Haynes, Alvin A. Haynes, IIIU-1395Funeral Director
Haynes, Alvin A. Haynes, Jr.U-1040Funeral Director
Haynes, James F. HaynesU-1413Funeral Director
Haynes, Kevin E. HaynesU-1616Funeral Director
Haynes, Kevin E. Haynes386Retort Operator
Haynes, Scott A. HaynesE-2705Embalmer & Funeral Director
Haynes, Vernon H. HaynesU-1086Funeral Director
Hearn, Robert E. Hearn, Jr.U-1296Funeral Director
Hebert, Jerry Hebert377Retort Operator
Hebert, Marcus W. HebertE-2298Embalmer & Funeral Director
Hebert, Vincent Hebert301Retort Operator
Heirtzler, Tiffany Gongre HeirtzlerU-1723Funeral Director
Henderson, David L. HendersonU-1235Funeral Director
Hendry, Patrick II HendryE-2795Embalmer & Funeral Director
Henry, Billy C. HenryE-1899Embalmer & Funeral Director
Henry, Farley J. HenryU-1626Funeral Director
Henry, Farley J. Henry243Retort Operator
Henson, Charles R. HensonE-1615Embalmer & Funeral Director
Herty, James Herty32Retort Operator
Herty, James J. HertyU-1493Funeral Director
Hester, Bernice Buchanan HesterU-1351Funeral Director
Hester, Lavern R. HesterU-1053Funeral Director
Hewitt, Lisa Gayle HewittE-2671Embalmer & Funeral Director
Hickerson, Arthur HickersonE-1726Embalmer & Funeral Director
Hill, Gregory G. HillE-2006Embalmer & Funeral Director
Hill, Gregory G. Hill116Retort Operator
Hill, Peggy Landry HillE-2858Embalmer & Funeral Director
Hill, Quinton D. HillE-2831Embalmer & Funeral Director
Hill, Steven Gerrod, Jr. HillU-1729Funeral Director
Hill, Willis HillU-1209Funeral Director
Hixson, Edie HixsonU-1468Funeral Director
Hixson, Paul E. HixsonE-2115Embalmer & Funeral Director
Hixson, William E. HixsonU-1054Funeral Director
Hobbs, Kevin W. HobbsU-1548Funeral Director
Hodges, James R. HodgesE-1756Embalmer & Funeral Director
Hoffman, Wayne J. HoffmanE-2333Embalmer & Funeral Director
Hoffpauir, Linda S. HoffpauirU-1387Funeral Director
Hogue, Harold W. Hogue, Jr.E-2122Embalmer & Funeral Director
Holder, Danny M. HolderE-1712
Holmes, Toni Watson HolmesE-2413Embalmer & Funeral Director
Hollier, Vincent C. HollierE-2875Embalmer & Funeral Director
Honeycutt, Charles A. Honeycutt294Retort Operator
Honeycutt, Charles A. HoneycuttE-2744Embalmer & Funeral Director
Hopkins, Angela HopkinsU-1509Funeral Director
Hopkins, Balestine Hopkins, Jr.U-1156Funeral Director
Hopkins, Joe D. Hopkins. Sr.E-2109Embalmer & Funeral Director
Hortman, Matthew W. Hortman281Retort Operator
Howington, Gayla B. HowingtonE-2695Embalmer & Funeral Director
Howse, Art W. HowseE-1673Embalmer & Funeral Director
Hudson, Gary L. Hudson, IIE-2383Embalmer & Funeral Director
Hudson, Lazandra HudsonE-2653Embalmer & Funeral Director
Hughes, Katie Jackson HughesU-1585Funeral Director
Hughes, Lisa N. HughesU-1406Funeral Director
Hullander, David L. HullanderE-2002Embalmer & Funeral Director
Hunt, Catherine HuntE-2923Embalmer & Funeral Director
Hurd, Kevin G. HurdU-1641Funeral Director
Hurlbut, George W. HurlbutU-1448Funeral Director
Hurst, Javonte Hurst376Retort Operator
Huston, Britt M. Huston251Retort Operator
Hutson, Mark Hutson395Retort Operator
Hutson, Travis L. Hutson327Retort Operator
Hutson, Travis L. HutsonU-1672Funeral Director
Huval, Kenneth W. HuvalE-1522Embalmer & Funeral Director
Hymel, Tina E. Mayeux HymelE-2390Embalmer & Funeral Director
Illg, Kathryn D. Mothe IllgU-1584Funeral Director
Istre, Anthony J. IstreE-1884Embalmer & Funeral Director
Istre, Ashton J. Istre276Retort Operator
Iverson, Kenya N. IversonU-1506Funeral Director
Jackson, Joseph Granville JacksonE-2526Embalmer & Funeral Director
Jackson, Kenyon K. JacksonU-1422Funeral Director
Jackson, Lafaye C. JacksonU-650Funeral Director
Jackson, Raven JacksonE-2864Embalmer & Funeral Director
Jackson, Stanley Jackson, Jr.E-1324Embalmer & Funeral Director
Jackson, Winnifred A.H. JacksonU-1397Funeral Director
Jacobson, John JacobsonE-1429Embalmer & Funeral Director
James, Lola JamesU-1037Funeral Director
James, Noah A. James, IIIE-2323Embalmer & Funeral Director
Jamison, John C. JamisonE-2784Embalmer & Funeral Director
Jamison, John C. Jamison231Retort Operator
Jamison, John C. Jamison, IIE-2624Embalmer & Funeral Director
Jamison, John C. Jamison, II230Retort Operator
Jasmin, Lawanda JasminE-2733Embalmer & Funeral Director
Jeane, Jerry L. JeaneE-2089Embalmer & Funeral Director
Jeanmard, Loring A. Jeanmard, II308Retort Operator
Jefferson, Brenda JeffersonE-2604Embalmer & Funeral Director
Jenkins, Hunter R. JenkinsE-2755Embalmer & Funeral Director
Jenkins, Jeffery K. JenkinsU-1442Funeral Director
Jenkins, Kedrick JenkinsU-1713Funeral Director
Jennings, Brian JenningsU-1691Funeral Director
Jennings, Charlie JenningsU-1722Funeral Director
Johnson, Cal K. JohnsonE-2033Embalmer & Funeral Director
Johnson, Ceatrice N.W. JohnsonE-2521Embalmer & Funeral Director
Johnson, David L. Johnson, Jr.E-1562Embalmer & Funeral Director
Johnson, David L. Johnson, Jr.19Retort Operator
Johnson, Garland O. JohnsonE-1772Embalmer & Funeral Director
Johnson, Gregory J. JohnsonE-2424Embalmer & Funeral Director
Johnson, Herbert Johnson188Retort Operator
Johnson, Herbert Johnson, Jr.U-1464Funeral Director
Johnson, Jeffrey K. JohnsonE-2347Embalmer & Funeral Director
Johnson, Joseph E. Johnson, Sr.E-2231Embalmer & Funeral Director
Johnson, Kelli Brown JohnsonU-1699Funeral Director
Johnson, Lataya JohnsonE-2835Embalmer & Funeral Director
Johnson, Linda R. JohnsonU-1326Funeral Director
Johnson, Max Johnson, Jr.U-1256Funeral Director
Johnson, Paulma Johnson, Jr.E-1590Embalmer & Funeral Director
Johnson, Sherri R. JohnsonU-1545Funeral Director
Johnson, Verdlee A. JohnsonE-1986Embalmer & Funeral Director
Jones, Andre A. JonesU-1518Funeral Director
Jones, Byron K. JonesE-1849Embalmer & Funeral Director
Jones, Cheryl Y. JonesU-1092Funeral Director
Jones, Flora G. JonesE-2015Embalmer & Funeral Director
Jones, Gene A. Jones Sr.E-2165Embalmer & Funeral Director
Jones, Gilbert A. JonesU-1513Funeral Director
Jones, Henry Jones, Jr.E-1555Embalmer & Funeral Director
Jones, Janis J.V. JonesU-1381Funeral Director
Jones, Jasmine JonesE-2716Embalmer & Funeral Director
Jones, Lionel Alvin Jones298Retort Operator
Jones, Robert B. Jones175Retort Operator
Jones, Roy Gene JonesU-1554Funeral Director
Jones, Sandra Jean JonesU-1570Funeral Director
Jones, Victoria M. JonesU-1684Funeral Director
Jones, Wa'Lisha JonesE-2823Embalmer & Funeral Director
Jones, Robert B. JonesE-2084Embalmer & Funeral Director
Jordan, David M. JordanE-2185Embalmer & Funeral Director
Jordan, Ronald L. JordanE-1496Embalmer & Funeral Director
Joseph, Juan M. JosephU-1421Funeral Director
Joseph, Mildred D. JosephE-2261Embalmer & Funeral Director
Joseph, Yulandia JosephU-1456Funeral Director
Jourdan, Savannah JourdanE-2907Embalmer & Funeral Director
Jourdan, Savannah Jourdan297Retort Operator
Julien, Theresa S. JulienU-1341Funeral Director
Jumonville, John R. JumonvilleU-1701Funeral Director
Jumonville, John R. Jumonville302Retort Operator
Juneau, Glenn L. JuneauE-2479Embalmer & Funeral Director
Kees, Craig J. KeesU-1365Funeral Director
Kees, Jared D. KeesE-2566Embalmer & Funeral Director
Kees, Jared Kees66Retort Operator
Kees, Stephen KeesE-2508Embalmer & Funeral Director
Kees, Stephen Kees67Retort Operator
Kelly, Larry C. Kelly, Jr.U-1444Funeral Director
Kennon, Fayrine A. KennonU-1298Funeral Director
Keys, Shasta KeysE-2704Embalmer & Funeral Director
Kilpatrick, Richard KilpatrickE-1843Embalmer & Funeral Director
Kimbro, Randall Lee KimbroE-2764Embalmer & Funeral Director
Kim, Illkwon KimE-2636Embalmer & Funeral Director
Kimbro, Brandie T. KimbroE-2543Embalmer & Funeral Director
Kimsey, Philip D. KimseyU-1685Funeral Director
King, Angela K. KingE-2492Embalmer & Funeral Director
King, Brittany Musso KingE-2719Embalmer & Funeral Director
King, George W. KingE-1953Embalmer & Funeral Director
King, Gregory S. KingE-2203Embalmer & Funeral Director
King, Rhonda A. KingE-2116Embalmer & Funeral Director
King, Wanda G. KingU-1624Funeral Director
King, Willie S. King, Jr.U-1460Funeral Director
Klein, Kevin C. KleinE-2313Embalmer & Funeral Director
Knighten, Christopher L. KnightenE-2432Embalmer & Funeral Director
Knowles, Laurie M. KnowlesU-1451Funeral Director
Kobylski, Jamie KobylskiE-2903Embalmer & Funeral Director
Kohler, Glynn P. KohlerE-1470Embalmer & Funeral Director
Kopp, Allen KoppE-2877Embalmer & Funeral Director
Kopp, Allen Kopp311Retort Operator
Kostmayer, John Clifford KostmayerE-2893Embalmer & Funeral Director
Kramer, G.M. Graham KramerE-1462Embalmer & Funeral Director
Kramer, Sarah D. KramerU-1646Funeral Director
Kramer, Thomas G. KramerE-2035Embalmer & Funeral Director
Kramer, Thomas G. Kramer20Retort Operator
Labby, Frank L. LabbyE-1990Embalmer & Funeral Director
Labit, Brady LabitE-2361Embalmer & Funeral Director
Lacoume, Clarence J. Lacoume, Jr.78Retort Operator
Lacy, Virgil Addison LacyU-1673Funeral Director
Lacy, Virgil Addison Lacy334Retort Operator
LaGrone, Alicia LaGroneE-2826Embalmer & Funeral Director
LaMotte, Jason Marius LaMotte, Sr.322Retort Operator
Landry, Cade J. LandryE-2822Embalmer & Funeral Director
Lane, Lakeysha Dees LaneE-2467Embalmer & Funeral Director
Lang, Arthur W. Lang, IVU-1654Funeral Director
Lang, John LangE-2110Embalmer & Funeral Director
Lang, Robert G. LangE-2714Embalmer & Funeral Director
Lang, Whitney LangE-2844Embalmer & Funeral Director
Lanigan, John S. LaniganE-1905Embalmer & Funeral Director
Lantz, Shea A. LantzE-2811Embalmer & Funeral Director
Larkin, Destiny Larkin357Retort Operator
LaRose, Sarah K. LaRoseE-2874Embalmer & Funeral Director
Latour, Aimee LatourE-2857Embalmer & Funeral Director
Laurent, Robert W. LaurentE-2404Embalmer & Funeral Director
Laville, Albert A. Laville, IIIE-1916Embalmer & Funeral Director
Law, Jonathon LawE-2910Embalmer & Funeral Director
Lawrence, Kelly LawrenceE-2895Embalmer & Funeral Director
Lawrence, Kenneth W. LawrenceU-1428Funeral Director
Lawrence, Travis W. Lawrence68Retort Operator
Lawrence, Travis William LawrenceE-2600Embalmer & Funeral Director
Lawson, Cedrick LawsonE-2855Embalmer & Funeral Director
Lawson, Robert II Lawson U-1726Funeral Director
Leach, Kenneth R. Leach, Jr.E-2123Embalmer & Funeral Director
Leal, Gaynell E. LealE-2568Embalmer & Funeral Director
Leal, Gaynell E. Leal330Retort Operator
Leblanc, Dan L. Leblanc, Sr.E-1679Embalmer & Funeral Director
Leblanc, Johnnie J. LeblancE-1627Embalmer & Funeral Director
LeBlanc, Kelsey LeBlancE-2709Embalmer & Funeral Director
LeBlanc, Kristen LeBlancE-2914Embalmer & Funeral Director
LeBoeuf, Kallie LeBoeufE-2707Embalmer & Funeral Director
LeDay, Sonja Loren LeDayE-2266Embalmer & Funeral Director
Ledet, Amber LedetE-2916Embalmer & Funeral Director
LeDoux, Katie LeDouxE-2885Embalmer & Funeral Director
Lee, Chavez P. LeeE-2708Embalmer & Funeral Director
Lee, Chavez P. Lee195Retort Operator
Lee, Isiah M. Lee, Jr.U-1364Funeral Director
Lee, Justin Mark LeeE-2465Embalmer & Funeral Director
Leech, Stephen N. LeechE-2563Embalmer & Funeral Director
Lefort, Faith B. LefortE-2659Embalmer & Funeral Director
Leger, Alexandria Leger398Retort Operator
LeJeune, Richard D. LeJeuneE-2302Embalmer & Funeral Director
Lemons, Kassidy Lemons363Retort Operator
Leonard, Amber Colbert LeonardE-2862Embalmer & Funeral Director
Leonard, Donald K. LeonardE-1765Embalmer & Funeral Director
Leonard, Frank H. Leonard, Jr.U-1520Funeral Director
Leshay, Junear LeshayE-1906Embalmer & Funeral Director
Lester, Tom R. Lester, IVE-2782Embalmer & Funeral Director
LeViege, Bradford E. LeViegeE-2891Embalmer & Funeral Director
Levier, Stanley Levier390Retort Operator
Lewis, Arthur J. Lewis, IIE-2909Embalmer & Funeral Director
Lewis, Bobbiann Williams LewisE-2332Embalmer & Funeral Director
Lewis, Franklin D. LewisE-1962Embalmer & Funeral Director
Lewis, Karen A. LewisE-1802Embalmer & Funeral Director
Lewis, Margie LewisE-2409Embalmer & Funeral Director
Lewis, Michael J. LewisU-1308Funeral Director
Lightell, Derek LightellE-2648Embalmer & Funeral Director
Lindley, Linda LindleyE-1430Embalmer & Funeral Director
Little, Steven D. LittleE-2262Embalmer & Funeral Director
Loche, Edward C. LocheE-1694Embalmer & Funeral Director
Loche, Howard D. LocheE-1794Embalmer & Funeral Director
Lodatto, Danny W. LodattoE-2090Embalmer & Funeral Director
Lodrig, Wilbert J. Lodrig, Jr.E-1848Embalmer & Funeral Director
Loftin, John D. LoftinU1522Funeral Director
Lohan, James J. LohanU-1441Funeral Director
Lopez, Steven Harless LopezE-2631Embalmer & Funeral Director
Lopez, Steven Harless Lopez207Retort Operator
Lotz, Bradley D. LotzE-2279Embalmer & Funeral Director
Lovett, Bessie H. LovettU-1191Funeral Director
Lowery, W. Scott LoweryE-2076Embalmer & Funeral Director
Lucius, Shelley M. LuciusE-2408Embalmer & Funeral Director
Lumpkin, Carolyn J. LumpkinU-1324Funeral Director
Luneau, Terry R. LuneauE-2202Embalmer & Funeral Director
Mabile, Kirk M. MabileE-2222Embalmer & Funeral Director
Mack, Anita T. MackU-1431Funeral Director
Mack, Jimmy Mack, Jr.E-2539Embalmer & Funeral Director
Mack, Michael W. MackU-1325Funeral Director
Mack, William P. MackE-2251Embalmer & Funeral Director
Mackey, Charles J. MackeyU-1244Funeral Director
MacNealy, David B. MacNealy209Retort Operator
Macnealy, David Bruce MacnealyE-2460Embalmer & Funeral Director
Maddocks, Michael Reid Maddocks318Retort Operator
Maggio, Chad MaggioU-1712Funeral Director
Mallett-Soliz, Cassie Mallett-SolizE-2879Embalmer & Funeral Director
Mamon, Cheryl MamonE-2147Embalmer & Funeral Director
Mancuso, James Mancuso354Retort Operator
Mantia, Sylvia MantiaU-1709Funeral Director
Manuel, Cody A. ManuelE-2505Embalmer & Funeral Director
Maple, Kendalyn J. MapleU-1544Funeral Director
Marceaux, Eric J. MarceauxE-2461Embalmer & Funeral Director
Marchelos, Laura K. MarchelosU-1505Funeral Director
Marchelos, Zachary Manuel MarchelosU-1568Funeral Director
Marchlelos, Zachary Marchelos266Retort Operator
Marcotte, Laura Leger MarcotteU-1555Funeral Director
Marix, Jennifer MarixE-2736Embalmer & Funeral Director
Marix, Jennifer Marix196Retort Operator
Markham, Martha L. Markham235Retort Operator
Martin, Brandy MartinE-2537Embalmer & Funeral Director
Martin, Brandy S. Martin106Retort Operator
Martin, Dianne N. MartinU-1333Funeral Director
Martin, Doyal R. MartinE-2233Embalmer & Funeral Director
Martin, Raymond E. Martin, IIIE-2747Embalmer & Funeral Director
Martin, Robyn R. MartinU-1700Funeral Director
Martin, Robyn R. Martin250Retort Operator
Martinez, Maria MartinezU-1689Funeral Director
Matthews, Kevin J. MatthewsE-1992Embalmer & Funeral Director
Matthews, Robert W. MatthewsE-2664Embalmer & Funeral Director
Matthews, Robert W. Matthews154Retort Operator
Mayeaux, Jacque P. MayeauxE-2221Embalmer & Funeral Director
Mayeaux, Jacque P. Mayeaux247Retort Operator
Mayeaux, James Mayeaux338Retort Operator
Mayeaux, Ren MayeauxE-2799Embalmer & Funeral Director
Mayeaux, Peyton Mayeaux336Retort Operator
Mayence, Robert Mayence, IIIE-2609Embalmer & Funeral Director
Mayes, Charles F. Mayes, Jr.E-2215Embalmer & Funeral Director
Mayeux, Tina E. Mayeux212Retort Operator
McCallister, Jerrod McCallister, Jr. 402Retort Operator
McCook, John L. McCook, Jr.E-1844Embalmer & Funeral Director
McFarland, Millicent McFarlandU-1683Funeral Director
McFarland, Quinton R. McFarlandE-2809Embalmer & Funeral Director
McFarland, Quinton R. McFarland367Retort Operator
McFarland, Rodney McFarland, Jr.U-1572Funeral Director
McFarland, Rodney McFarland, Sr.E-2132Embalmer & Funeral Director
McFarland, Rodney McFarland, Sr.366Retort Operator
MCGaskey, Robin A. McGaskeyU-1481Funeral Director
McGuire, Clyde McGuire, Sr.U-1508Funeral Director
McKee, Donny G. Mckee193Retort Operator
McKee, Jason K. McKeeE-2229Embalmer & Funeral Director
McKenzie, Mark G. McKenzieU-1489Funeral Director
McKneely, Gregory J. McKneelyU-1390Funeral Director
McKneely, Susan K. McKneelyU-1287Funeral Director
McKneely, Wall V. McKneelyE-1897Embalmer & Funeral Director
McLin, Jeremy R. McLinU-1487Funeral Director
Meacham, Milo L. Meacham, Jr.E-1503Embalmer & Funeral Director
Meche, Delilah J.R. MecheE-2576Embalmer & Funeral Director
Melancon, Casey P. MelanconE-2546Embalmer & Funeral Director
Melancon, Daniel J. MelanconE-1628Embalmer & Funeral Director
Melancon, Gerald W. MelanconE-1740Embalmer & Funeral Director
Melancon, Majorie B. MelanconU-1190Funeral Director
Melancon, Sandra G. MelanconU-1321Funeral Director
Mellieon, Joshua D. MellieonE-2869Embalmer & Funeral Director
Menard, Chrissie L. MenardE-2638Embalmer & Funeral Director
Menard, Dwayne J. MenardU-1611Funeral Director
Menard, Patrick J. MenardE-2107Embalmer & Funeral Director
Merlau, Richard F. MerlauE-2792Embalmer & Funeral Director
Michel, Kim W. MichelE-2307Embalmer & Funeral Director
Mickle, Collier E. MickleU-1426Funeral Director
Mickle, Monica B. MickleU-1479Funeral Director
Militello, Steven P. MilitelloE-2207Embalmer & Funeral Director
Miller, Andrew B.F. MillerE-1415Embalmer & Funeral Director
Miller, Brandi A. MillerE-2481Embalmer & Funeral Director
Miller, Cynthia D. MillerU-1142Funeral Director
Miller, Darryl M. MillerE-1835Embalmer & Funeral Director
Miller, Eugene Miller, IIE-2791Embalmer & Funeral Director
Miller, M. Matthew MillerE-2542Embalmer & Funeral Director
Miller, Myra C. MillerU-1175Funeral Director
Miller, Shirley F. MillerU-1177Funeral Director
Miller, Steven R. MillerU-1369Funeral Director
Milliet, Kailyn MillietE-2838Embalmer & Funeral Director
Minson, Beau M. MinsonE-2731Embalmer & Funeral Director
Minton, John H. MintonE-2023Embalmer & Funeral Director
Minton, John H. Minton8Retort Operator
Minyard, Charles H. Minyard, Jr.E-2038Embalmer & Funeral Director
Mire, Retanna Ann MireE-2374Embalmer & Funeral Director
Misshore, Wydell M. MisshoreU-1161Funeral Director
Mitchell, Bryant E. MitchellE-2849Embalmer & Funeral Director
Mitchell, Kevin Mitchell160Retort Operator
Mitchell, Michael D. MitchellE-1879Embalmer & Funeral Director
Mobley, William D Mobley, Jr.E-2911Embalmer & Funeral Director
Molizone, Dennis P. Molizone307Retort Operator
Molizone, Dennis P. MolizoneE-2872Embalmer & Funeral Director
Moncada, Dominic Moncada249Retort Operator
Moncada, Dominic R. MoncadaE-2814Embalmer & Funeral Director
Moncla, Lawrence J. MonclaE-2093Embalmer & Funeral Director
Monson, Pamela R. MonsonE-2525Embalmer & Funeral Director
Monson, Wallace MonsonE-2196Embalmer & Funeral Director
Montana, David R. Montana, Jr.E-2824Embalmer & Funeral Director
Montana, David R. Montana, Jr.396Retort Operator
Moody, Ricci P. MoodyE-2439Embalmer & Funeral Director
Moody, Ricci P. Moody102Retort Operator
Moore, Robert M. MooreE-1697Embalmer & Funeral Director
Moore, Shelley D. MooreU-1600Funeral Director
Moore, Thomas N.T. Moore25Retort Operator
Morgan, Cheryl MorganU-978Funeral Director
Morris, Julie B. MorrisU-1617Funeral Director
Morter, Xiomara MorterE-2878Embalmer & Funeral Director
Morter, Xiomara Morter292Retort Operator
Moseley, Jerry L. MoseleyE-1796Embalmer & Funeral Director
Moses, Leonard J. MosesE-2205Embalmer & Funeral Director
Mothe, Boyd L. MotheU-755Funeral Director
Mothe, Boyd L. Mothe, Jr.E-1896Embalmer & Funeral Director
Mothe, Boyd Mothe, IIIE-2813Embalmer & Funeral Director
Mothe, Boyd Mothe, III268Retort Operator
Mothe, Nicole MotheU-1535Funeral Director
Mothershed, Jordan R. MothershedU-1625Funeral Director
Motichek, Kaitlyn M. MotichekU-1687Funeral Director
Motichek, Milton W. MotichekU-1678Funeral Director
Motichek, Milton W. Motichek365Retort Operator
Mott, Len A. MottE-2344Embalmer & Funeral Director
Muhleisen, Edward L. Muhleisen157Retort Operator
Muhleisen, Edward MuhleisenE-2529Embalmer & Funeral Director
Muhleisen, Louis A. Muhleisen, Jr.E-1368Embalmer & Funeral Director
Muhleisen, Louis A. Muhleisen, Jr.156Retort Operator
Muhleisen, Suzanne B. MuhleisenU-1218Funeral Director
Mulhearn, Joseph E. MulhearnE-1547Embalmer & Funeral Director
Mulhearn, Peter G. Mulhearn, Jr.E-2140Embalmer & Funeral Director
Mulhearn, T.M. Mulhearn, Sr.3Retort Operator
Mulhearn, Thomas H. Mulhearn, IIIE-2064Embalmer & Funeral Director
Mulhearn, Timothy M. Mulhearn, Jr.U-1458Funeral Director
Mulhearn, Timothy M. Mulhearn, Sr.E-1867Embalmer & Funeral Director
Munn, Michael W. MunnE-2091Embalmer & Funeral Director
Murphy, Michael Murphy380Retort Operator
Murry, Joseph Murry IIIE-2550Embalmer & Funeral Director
Murry, Joseph Murry, III93Retort Operator
Musacchia, Gerald W. MusacchiaE-2099Embalmer & Funeral Director
Musacchia, Gerald W. Musacchia248Retort Operator
Muse, Charles Muse, Jr.E-1530Embalmer & Funeral Director
Mut, Lester M. Mut, Jr.U-1635Funeral Director
Mut, Lester M. Mut, Jr.192Retort Operator
Myers, Greg MyersE-2723Embalmer & Funeral Director
Myers, Hardy L. MyersE-1691Embalmer & Funeral Director
Myers, Jordan A. MyersE-2395Embalmer & Funeral Director
Myles, Roderick MylesE-2753Embalmer & Funeral Director
Napier, Patrick NapierU-870Funeral Director
Nata, Diane Spindler Nata U-1717Funeral Director
Navarre, Jasminne NavarreE-2606Embalmer & Funeral Director
Navarre, Stephanie R. NavarreU-1305Funeral Director
Navarre, Willie J. Navarre, IIIU-1647Funeral Director
Nelson, Heather K. NelsonU-1514Funeral Director
Nelson, Herbert NelsonE-1479Embalmer & Funeral Director
Nettles, James H. NettlesE-1081Embalmer & Funeral Director
Nevels, Stacey Todd NevelsE-2252Embalmer & Funeral Director
Newman K. ThibodeauxE-2325Embalmer & Funeral Director
Newman, Jean M. NewmanE-2286Embalmer & Funeral Director
Newman, Nikia C. NewmanE-2353Embalmer & Funeral Director
Newman, Steven A. NewmanE-2055Embalmer & Funeral Director
Newman, Steven Newman173Retort Operator
Nguyen, Tran NguyenU-1597Funeral Director
Nicholson, Altra C. NicholsonU-1356Funeral Director
Niland, John T. NilandE-2101Embalmer & Funeral Director
Niland, Thomas D. NilandU-1242Funeral Director
Nugent, Mallory NugentE-2861Embalmer & Funeral Director
Nugent, Mallory Nugent383Retort Operator
Nyegaard, Aleck L. NyegaardE-2866Embalmer & Funeral Director
Oakley, Kelly K. OakleyE-2289Embalmer & Funeral Director
O'Conner, Stephen P. O'ConnerE-2690Embalmer & Funeral Director
O'Conner, Stephen P. O'Conner232Retort Operator
Odom, Joseph D. OdomE-1525Embalmer & Funeral Director
Omick, Thomas M. OmickE-2177Embalmer & Funeral Director
Ordoyne, Mark C. OrdoyneE-1851Embalmer & Funeral Director
Ordoyne, Victoria Anne OrdoyneE-2687Embalmer & Funeral Director
Orgeron, Tristan David OrgeronU-1558Funeral Director
Ortego, Michael OrtegoE-1353Embalmer & Funeral Director
Osterhold, Helen M. OsterholdE-2761Embalmer & Funeral Director
Otis, James F. OtisE-1670Embalmer & Funeral Director
Otis, Larry S. OtisE-1758Embalmer & Funeral Director
Otis, Willie J. OtisE-1685Embalmer & Funeral Director
Ourso, Deborah D. OursoU-1614Funeral Director
Owen, Howard G. OwenE-1437Embalmer & Funeral Director
Owens, B.J. OwensU-1463Funeral Director
Owens, Blain OwensU-1386Funeral Director
Owens, Brendan OwensE-2898Embalmer & Funeral Director
Owens, Callen B. OwensE-2718Embalmer & Funeral Director
Owens, Kelly Denise OwensE-2611Embalmer & Funeral Director
Paddio, Chaisity S. PaddioE-2670Embalmer & Funeral Director
Padilla, Esiquiel PadillaE-2377Embalmer & Funeral Director
Pagels, Matthew PagelsE-2608Embalmer & Funeral Director
Palestina, Toni PalestinaU-1728Funeral Director
Palmer, Felicia Gray PalmerE-2300Embalmer & Funeral Director
Parker, Corey M. ParkerE-2454Embalmer & Funeral Director
Parker, Kenneth R. ParkerE-2401Embalmer & Funeral Director
Parker, Kenneth R. Parker174Retort Operator
Pate, Carmaleta Denean PateU-1567Funeral Director
Patin, David M. Patin, Sr.E-2230Embalmer & Funeral Director
Patin, Gwiena V.M. PatinU-1205Funeral Director
Patterson, Brandon PattersonE-2623Embalmer & Funeral Director
Patterson, Bryan Patterson355Retort Operator
Patterson, Randall M. PattersonE-2242Embalmer & Funeral Director
Patterson, Rosalind I. PattersonE-2057Embalmer & Funeral Director
Pattman, Charles B. PattmanE-2693Embalmer & Funeral Director
Payne, Dwight PayneE-2509Embalmer & Funeral Director
Pellerin, Eugene B. PellerinE-2143Embalmer & Funeral Director
Pellerin, Frank E. PellerinU-1263Funeral Director
Pellerin, Gregory P. Pellerin222Retort Operator
Pellerin, Kenneth PellerinE-2195Embalmer & Funeral Director
Pellerin, Michael A. PellerinE-1908Embalmer & Funeral Director
Pellerin, Raymond H. PellerinE-1357Embalmer & Funeral Director
Pellerin, Scott A. PellerinE-2364Embalmer & Funeral Director
Pellerin, Scott A. Pellerin155Retort Operator
Pellerin, Susana Diaz PellerinE-2149Embalmer & Funeral Director
Pelletier, Ashley PelletierE-2886Embalmer & Funeral Director
Peltier, Perry J. PeltierE-1801Embalmer & Funeral Director
Peno, John Oneal Peno223Retort Operator
Perkins, Charles R. PerkinsU-1300Funeral Director
Perkins, Cynthia Sheeler PerkinsU-1222Funeral Director
Perret, Macy PerretE-2902Embalmer & Funeral Director
Perry, Paul PerryU-1532Funeral Director
Peterson, Michael A. PetersonE-1912Embalmer & Funeral Director
Philip, Tiffany A. PhilipE-2602Embalmer & Funeral Director
Philip, Tiffany A. Philip320Retort Operator
Pichon, Belva M. PichonU-1139Funeral Director
Pichon, Walter G. Pichon, IIIU-1099Funeral Director
Picou, Jenna PicouE-2750Embalmer & Funeral Director
Pierce, Bruce D. PierceE-1949Embalmer & Funeral Director
Pierce, Jason C. PierceE-2472Embalmer & Funeral Director
Pierce, Jason C. Pierce286Retort Operator
Pierce, John William PierceU-1529Funeral Director
Piper, Kevin Daniel PiperE-2868Embalmer & Funeral Director
Pippens, Johnny K. PippensE-1807Embalmer & Funeral Director
Pizzeck, eth A. PizzeckE-2724Embalmer & Funeral Director
Plaisance, Jessica PlaisanceE-2596Embalmer & Funeral Director
Plaisance, Jessica Plaisance189Retort Operator
Poche, Guy E. PocheE-2549Embalmer & Funeral Director
Polk, Albert J. Polk, Jr.E-2362Embalmer & Funeral Director
Pollack, Tiffany A. PollackE-2776Embalmer & Funeral Director
Pool, Michael E. Pool, Jr.E-2591Embalmer & Funeral Director
Poole, Bernadine PooleU-1455Funeral Director
Poole, Michael E. Pool, Jr.217Retort Operator
Poole, Rachel Poole E-2926Embalmer & Funeral Director
Poole, Rachel Poole 356Retort Operator
Pope, Justin Pope394Retort Operator
Poppell, Crystal PoppellE-2887Embalmer & Funeral Director
Porte, Kelly E. PorteU-1342Funeral Director
Porter, Sandie D. PorterE-2464Embalmer & Funeral Director
Porter, Terry J. PorterE-1982Embalmer & Funeral Director
Post, Carmen C. PostU-1483Funeral Director
Post, Jacob A. Post152Retort Operator
Post, Jacob Alan PostE-2686Embalmer & Funeral Director
Post, Timothy A. PostU-1622Funeral Director
Pousson, Stephen M. PoussonU-1656Funeral Director
Pousson, Stephen Pousson256Retort Operator
Powell, Timothy W. PowellE-2014Embalmer & Funeral Director
Pratt, Allean M. PrattE-2339Embalmer & Funeral Director
Prejean, Darnell Joseph PrejeanE-2834Embalmer & Funeral Director
Prejean, Darnell Joseph Prejean391Retort Operator
Price, Jerry PriceE-1549Embalmer & Funeral Director
Price, Kevin PriceE-2183Embalmer & Funeral Director
Price, Waylon B. PriceU-1407Funeral Director
Price, William P. PriceU-1215Funeral Director
Proby, Kedrick L. ProbyU-1638Funeral Director
Proctor, Walter J. ProctorE-1343Embalmer & Funeral Director
Puckett, Michael PuckettE-2785Embalmer & Funeral Director
Provost, Roy Provost, Jr.200Retort Operator
Puglia, Sara PugliaU-1378Funeral Director
Puma, Haden Puma E-2915Embalmer & Funeral Director
Puma, Haden Puma332Retort Operator
Quebedeaux, Tylor J. QuebedeauxE-2848Embalmer & Funeral Director
Quibodeaux, Dustin M. QuibodeauxE-2515Embalmer & Funeral Director
Quirk, Pamela P. QuirkU-1408Funeral Director
Quirk, Robert G. Quirk, Jr.U-1288Funeral Director
Quirk, Robert G. Quirk, Sr.E-1611Embalmer & Funeral Director
Rachal, Felecia M. RachalU-1318Funeral Director
Rachal, Merl J. RachalE-1922Embalmer & Funeral Director
Ralph, Stacie E. RalphE-2919Embalmer & Funeral Director
Ralph, Stacie Ralph278Retort Operator
Ramirez, Christine L. RamirezE-2446Embalmer & Funeral Director
Ramsey, Kevin L. RamseyE-2301Embalmer & Funeral Director
Rankins, William G. RankinsE-1454Embalmer & Funeral Director
Raphael, Adonis A. RaphaelE-1748Embalmer & Funeral Director
Reardon, Lisa D. Cox ReardonU-1252Funeral Director
Redmond, Robert T. Redmond153Retort Operator
Reed, Daniel T. ReedE-2403Embalmer & Funeral Director
Reed, Phillip ReedE-1988Embalmer & Funeral Director
Reese, Clarence James ReeseE-1938Embalmer & Funeral Director
Reeves, Claude M. ReevesU-1206Funeral Director
Reina, Yamilet Reina345Retort Operator
Reina, Yamilet ReinaE-2880Embalmer & Funeral Director
Rhodes, Duplain W. Rhodes, IIIE-2243Embalmer & Funeral Director
Rhodes, Mark RhodesU-1491Funeral Director
Rhodus, Whitney L. RhodusE-2738Embalmer & Funeral Director
Rhodus, Whitney L. Rhodus361Retort Operator
Riccobono, Joseph M. RiccobonoU-1637Funeral Director
Richard, Dewanna L. RichardE-2112Embalmer & Funeral Director
Richard, Glenn Jude RichardE-2198Embalmer & Funeral Director
Richardson, Burnell Richardson, Sr.E-1591Embalmer & Funeral Director
Richardson, Carolyn RichardsonU-1182Funeral Director
Richardson, Edna L. RichardsonU-1610Funeral Director
Richardson, Emmitt N. Richardson, Jr.U-1574Funeral Director
Richardson, Emmitt Richardson, Sr.U-1159Funeral Director
Richardson, Thaddeus RichardsonE-2075Embalmer & Funeral Director
Richmond, Darryl R. RichmondU-1247Funeral Director
Richmond, Jamal RichmondE-2637Embalmer & Funeral Director
Richmond, Roscoe N. RichmondU-1292Funeral Director
Riser, H. Neil Riser, Jr.E-2157Embalmer & Funeral Director
Riser, Vicki S. RiserU-1627Funeral Director
Ritchie, Frank D. RitchieE-1728Embalmer & Funeral Director
Ritchie, Harold L. RitchieE-1646Embalmer & Funeral Director
Ritchie, Harold287Retort Operator
Ritchie, Harold L. Ritchie, Jr.E-2553Embalmer & Funeral Director
Ritchie, Robert W. RitchieE-2601Embalmer & Funeral Director
Ritchie, Robert W. Ritchie288Retort Operator
Ritchie, William D. RitchieE-1732Embalmer & Funeral Director
Roark, Jerry RoarkU-1613Funeral Director
Roark, Michael H. RoarkU-1580Funeral Director
Robeau, Amanda Robeau392Retort Operator
Robertson, Shaleta S. RobertsonE-2182Embalmer & Funeral Director
Robbins, G. Milton Robbins, Jr.E-1888Embalmer & Funeral Director
Robinson, Albert C. RobinsonE-1918Embalmer & Funeral Director
Robinson, Annie M. RobinsonU-1389Funeral Director
Robinson, Delores RobinsonU-1416Funeral Director
Robinson, Eddie L. Robinson, Jr.E-1491Embalmer & Funeral Director
Robinson, Jennifer RobinsonE-2511Embalmer & Funeral Director
Robinson, Jerome L. RobinsonU-1262Funeral Director
Robinson, Keith RobinsonU-1418Funeral Director
Rochester, Charles L. Rochester, Sr.E-2571Embalmer & Funeral Director
Rodriguez, Gabrielle Rodriguez397Retort Operator
Rogan, John E. RoganE-1435Embalmer & Funeral Director
Rogers, David C. RogersE-1927Embalmer & Funeral Director
Rogers, James William RogersE-2560Embalmer & Funeral Director
Rogers, James William Rogers382Retort Operator
Rogers, Maurice A. RogersE-2194Embalmer & Funeral Director
Rogers, Pamela L. RogersE-2654Embalmer & Funeral Director
Rogers, Rachel RogersE-2517Embalmer & Funeral Director
Romain, Richard RomainU-1223Funeral Director
Roscoe, Danyell Hope RoscoeE-2259Embalmer & Funeral Director
Roscoe, Jerrold K. RoscoeE-2297Embalmer & Funeral Director
Rose, Jonathan C. Rose, Sr.E-2342Embalmer & Funeral Director
Rose, Theophilus A. RoseE-2217Embalmer & Funeral Director
Ross, Ivy L. RossU-1289Funeral Director
Ross, William E. RossE-2378Embalmer & Funeral Director
Rossetti, Diana RossettiE-2474Embalmer & Funeral Director
Rougeau, Lindsey B. RougeauE-2840Embalmer & Funeral Director
Rougeou, Lewis C. Rougeou, IIIE-2241Embalmer & Funeral Director
Rowell, George R. RowellE-2382Embalmer & Funeral Director
Roy, Mia RoyE-2679Embalmer & Funeral Director
Roy, Shelly James RoyE-1648Embalmer & Funeral Director
Rush, Kelly RushU-1304Funeral Director
Rush, Kenneth Ray RushU-1112Funeral Director
Russo, Robert S. RussoE-2841Embalmer & Funeral Director
Saia, Chad M. SaiaE-2506Embalmer & Funeral Director
Saia, Chad M. Saia273Retort Operator
Saia, Jodie Lynn SaiaU-1536Funeral Director
Salter, Brooke E. SalterE-2867Embalmer & Funeral Director
Sanders, Patrick H. SandersE-2219Embalmer & Funeral Director
Sanders, Richard H. SandersE-2250Embalmer & Funeral Director
Sanford, Eric L. SanfordE-2445Embalmer & Funeral Director
Sanford, Eric Sanford134Retort Operator
Sanson, David N. SansonE-2421Embalmer & Funeral Director
Sapienza, Kristin R. Sapienza309Retort Operator
Sarpy, Jerry Sarpy69Retort Operator
Sartwell, Taylor SartwellE-2889Embalmer & Funeral Director
Satcher, Lyndsey325Retort Operator
Savoie, Angela Savoie259Retort Operator
Savoie, Christopher SavoieE-2204Embalmer & Funeral Director
Savoie, Conrad C. SavoieE-1552Embalmer & Funeral Director
Savoy, Kelly Rush Savoy205Retort Operator
Schaffer, Marvin G. Schaffer, Jr.E-2837Embalmer & Funeral Director
Schaffer, Marvin Schaffer282Retort Operator
Schellhaas, Robert Schellhaas, Sr.E-1460Embalmer & Funeral Director
Schexnaydre, Michael A. Schexnaydre, Jr.E-2247Embalmer & Funeral Director
Schexnaydre, Tracy C. SchexnaydreU-1457Funeral Director
Schexnayer, Cole SchexnayerE-2666Embalmer & Funeral Director
Schindler, Stephen Charles SchindlerU-1696Funeral Director
Schmedtje, Stephen A. Schmedtje, III61Retort Operator
Schoen, Gerard L. Schoen, IIIU-1154Funeral Director
Schoen, Patrick M. SchoenU-1248Funeral Director
Schoen, Raymond C. SchoenE-1754Embalmer & Funeral Director
Schoen, Thomas J. SchoenU-926Funeral Director
Schumann, Michael S. SchumannE-2794Embalmer & Funeral Director
Scott, Ardie J. Scott, Jr.E-1948Embalmer & Funeral Director
Scott, Edward J. ScottE-1452Embalmer & Funeral Director
Scott, Harold ScottU-1423Funeral Director
Scott, Lydell L. ScottE-2088Embalmer & Funeral Director
Scott, M. Richard Scott, IIE-1780Embalmer & Funeral Director
Scruggs, Fatima B. ScruggsE-2588Embalmer & Funeral Director
Seale, Billy W. Seale10Retort Operator
Seale, Billy Wayne SealeU-1602Funeral Director
Seale, Lonnie W. SealeE-1639Embalmer & Funeral Director
Seale, Stacy W. Seale9Retort Operator
Seale, Taylor W. Seale229Retort Operator
Seilhan, Kerry T. SeilhanE-2380Embalmer & Funeral Director
Seilhan, Kerry T. Seilhan388Retort Operator
Selico, Constance M. SelicoU-1122Funeral Director
Semien, Laura J. SemienU-1498Funeral Director
Shaffer, Robert M. ShafferE-2808Embalmer & Funeral Director
Sharp, Brian Sharp364Retort Operator
Shehee, Margaret S. SheheeU-1232Funeral Director
Shehee, Nell SheheeU-1469Funeral Director
Shelton, Jiles R. SheltonE-2518Embalmer & Funeral Director
Shelton, Jiles R. Shelton261Retort Operator
Sherman, James R. ShermanE-2121Embalmer & Funeral Director
Sherman, Ryan J. ShermanU-1470Funeral Director
Shinall, Kysha ShinallE-2873Embalmer & Funeral Director
Shirer, Ashley ShirerE-2766Embalmer & Funeral Director
Shirley, Stephen P. ShirleyU-1639Funeral Director
Short, Larry R. ShortU-1336Funeral Director
Short, Steven W. ShortU-1270Funeral Director
Shows, Samantha ShowsE-2774Embalmer & Funeral Director
Sibille, Lowell A. Sibille, IIIE-1997Embalmer & Funeral Director
Sibley, Donna G. Gillum Sibley353Retort Operator
Sibley, Donna G. Gillum SibleyE-2114Embalmer & Funeral Director
Simmons, Eric SimmonsE-2575Embalmer & Funeral Director
Simmons, Tiffany A. SimmonsE-2644Embalmer & Funeral Director
Simms, Albert G. Simms, Jr.E-1534Embalmer & Funeral Director
Simon, Stephanie SimonE-2214Embalmer & Funeral Director
Simpson, Rudene Jones SimpsonE-2688Embalmer & Funeral Director
Sims, Madelynn M. SimsE-2124Embalmer & Funeral Director
Singletary, David P. SingletaryE-1761Embalmer & Funeral Director
Singletary, David P. Singletary124Retort Operator
Singleton, Eric M. Singleton, Sr.E-2111Embalmer & Funeral Director
Singleton, Eric M. Singleton, Sr.400Retort Operator
Singleton-Cooper, Terese Singleton-CooperU-1730Funeral Director
Singleton, TheresaU-1715Funeral Director
Skaggs, Gwendolyn P. SkaggsE-2161Embalmer & Funeral Director
Slaughter, Dawn SlaughterU-1694Funeral Director
Smart, Harles E. Smart, Jr.E-1866Embalmer & Funeral Director
Smile, John SmileU-1566Funeral Director
Smith, Clarence P. Smith42Retort Operator
Smith, Clarence Phillip SmithE-2352Embalmer & Funeral Director
Smith, Donald R. SmithE-2206Embalmer & Funeral Director
Smith, Dorothy B. SmithU-1355Funeral Director
Smith, Kathleen F. Panter SmithU-1339Funeral Director
Smith, Kendall SmithU-1719Funeral Director
Smith, Laverne SmithE-2028Embalmer & Funeral Director
Smith, Michael S. SmithE-1944Embalmer & Funeral Director
Smith, Michael W. SmithE-1729Embalmer & Funeral Director
Smith, Norman R. SmithE-1441Embalmer & Funeral Director
Smith, Riley L. Smith315Retort Operator
Smith, Riley L. SmithE-2796Embalmer & Funeral Director
Smith, Sammy W. SmithE-1626Embalmer & Funeral Director
Smith, Simon Smith, Jr.U-1258Funeral Director
Smith, Stephanie L. S. SmithE-2212Embalmer & Funeral Director
Smith, Terry SmithE-2442Embalmer & Funeral Director
Soileau, Ainslee SoileauE-2892Embalmer & Funeral Director
Soileau, Gretchen SoileauE-2781Embalmer & Funeral Director
Soileau, Gretchen Soileau312Retort Operator
Solis, David S. SolisE-1730Embalmer & Funeral Director
Solis, Dwayne A. SolisE-2499Embalmer & Funeral Director
Sonnier, Carl SonnierE-1877Embalmer & Funeral Director
Sonnier, David T. SonnierE-2027Embalmer & Funeral Director
Sonnier, Eugene J. Sonnier, IIE-2253Embalmer & Funeral Director
Sontheimer, Stephen L. SontheimerU-936Funeral Director
Soudelier, Kelsie R. SoudelierU-1592Funeral Director
Southall, Maurice SouthallE-1625Embalmer & Funeral Director
Southall-Smith, Shelley Southall-SmithU-1720Funeral Director
Southwell, Joseph F. SouthwellE-1799Embalmer & Funeral Director
Speaks, Casie Lynn SpeaksU-1606Funeral Director
Speaks, Casie Speaks265Retort Operator
Speed, Dorothy M. SpeedE-2013Embalmer & Funeral Director
Spohrer, Mark M. SpohrerE-1816Embalmer & Funeral Director
St. Cyr, Joshua Saul St. CyrE-2640Embalmer & Funeral Director
St. Romain, Al St. Romain, Jr.E-2244Embalmer & Funeral Director
St. Upery, Jeanne H. St. UperyE-2469Embalmer & Funeral Director
Stanley, Christopher Stanley337Retort Operator
Stanley, Denzel M. StanleyU-1661Funeral Director
Stansbury, Tiffany StansburyE-2860Embalmer & Funeral Director
Staples, William StaplesE-1769Embalmer & Funeral Director
Stelly, Steve A. StellyE-2287Embalmer & Funeral Director
Starland, Tramaine Ray StarlandE-2712Embalmer & Funeral Director
Stensrud, Joshua C. StensrudE-2406Embalmer & Funeral Director
Stephens, Rachael Lynn StephensE-2673Embalmer & Funeral Director
Stevens, Anthony L. StevensE-2193Embalmer & Funeral Director
Stevens, William A. Stevens103Retort Operator
Stevens, William Allen StevensE-2614Embalmer & Funeral Director
Stevenson, Andrew D. StevensonE-2139Embalmer & Funeral Director
Stevenson, Keith W. StevensonE-2818Embalmer & Funeral Director
Stewart, Dorothy L. StewartE-2106Embalmer & Funeral Director
Stewart, Katherlan Ann StewartU-1226Funeral Director
Stoner, Kimberly B. StonerE-2721Embalmer & Funeral Director
Strecker, Marilyn StreckerE-2477Embalmer & Funeral Director
Strother, Christopher J. StrotherE-2458Embalmer & Funeral Director
Strother, Christopher J. Strother204Retort Operator
Strother, Gregory A. StrotherE-2031Embalmer & Funeral Director
Strother, Kimberly A. StrotherU-1501Funeral Director
Stroud, Steve Stroud381Retort Operator
Stutes, Jacob StutesE-2701Embalmer & Funeral Director
Suchman, Bobby L. SuchmanE-2523Embalmer & Funeral Director
Sullivan, Leland L. SullivanU-1385Funeral Director
Sumrall, John Sumrall285Retort Operator
Surbeck, Charles L. Surbeck, Jr.E-2585Embalmer & Funeral Director
Surbeck, Charles L. Surbeck284Retort Operator
Surbeck, Whitney Martin SurbeckE-2598Embalmer & Funeral Director
Sweet, Calie Rose SweetE-2647Embalmer & Funeral Director
Swisher, Joel L. SwisherE-2293Embalmer & Funeral Director
Syrie, Brien K. SyrieE-2510Embalmer & Funeral Director
Syrie, Clifton SyrieU-1061Funeral Director
Syrie, Evelyn E. SyrieU-1438Funeral Director
Syrie, Wesley SyrieE-1413Embalmer & Funeral Director
Tanner, Wayne J. TannerU-1343Funeral Director
Taromina, Cherilyn F. TarominaU-1480Funeral Director
Tarver, Gregory W. Tarver, Sr.U-1047Funeral Director
Tate, Erika V. TateE-2734Embalmer & Funeral Director
Tawwatters, Randy A. TawwattersU-1579Funeral Director
Tawwatters, Randy A. Tawwatters86Retort Operator
Taylor, Huey L. TaylorU-1077Funeral Director
Taylor, Kaitlin TaylorE-2810Embalmer & Funeral Director
Taylor, N.L. TaylorU-1424Funeral Director
Teats, Arthurlene Sims TeatsU-1268Funeral Director
Teats, Darrell D. TeatsU-1368Funeral Director
Teixeira, Trina TeixeiraE-2913Embalmer & Funeral Director
Tennant, Timothy T. TennantU-1494Funeral Director
Terrell, Karen Sibille TerrellU-1599Funeral Director
Testa, Vincent N. TestaE-2778Embalmer & Funeral Director
Theriot, Jacie Rivere TheriotU-1677Funeral Director
Thibodaux, Robert L. ThibodauxU-1119Funeral Director
Thibodeaux, Dylan P. ThibodeauxE-2727Embalmer & Funeral Director
Thibodeaux, Newman K. ThibodeauxE-2325Embalmer & Funeral Director
Thomas, Bertha Lee ThomasU-1088Funeral Director
Thomas, Chiquita M. ThomasU-1293Funeral Director
Thomas, Ezekiel J.E. ThomasU-1573Funeral Director
Thomas, Ezekiel J.H. ThomasE-2759Embalmer & Funeral Director
Thomas, Ezekiel J.H. Thomas254Retort Operator
Thomas, Ezekiel Thomas, Jr.U-1372Funeral Director
Thomas, Ronald E. ThomasE-2210Embalmer & Funeral Director
Thomas, Sammy ThomasU-1539Funeral Director
Thomas, Tom ThomasE-1560Embalmer & Funeral Director
Thomas Vondershell ThomasE-2896Embalmer & Funeral Director
Thomas, Wadie L. ThomasU-1302Funeral Director
Thompson, Brandon G. ThompsonE-2468Embalmer & Funeral Director
Thompson, Jeffrey ThompsonE-2854Embalmer & Funeral Director
Thompson, Martha McKneely ThompsonU-1543Funeral Director
Toole, Michael J. TooleE-1957Embalmer & Funeral Director
Touchet, Erin Elise TouchetE-2630Embalmer & Funeral Director
Touchet, Paul L. TouchetE-2218Embalmer & Funeral Director
Trahan, Timothy J. TrahanE-2320Embalmer & Funeral Director
Tranchina, Gary F. TranchinaE-2082Embalmer & Funeral Director
Tranchina, Gary F. Tranchina214Retort Operator
Tranchina, Kevin T. TranchinaE-1970Embalmer & Funeral Director
Tranchina, Kevin T. Tranchina135Retort Operator
Tranchina, Terry F. TranchinaE-1874Embalmer & Funeral Director
Travis, Brandon L. TravisE-2797Embalmer & Funeral Director
Triggs, Wanda R. TriggsE-2845Embalmer & Funeral Director
Triyonis, Jason TriyonisE-2639Embalmer & Funeral Director
Tuberville, Peter V. Tuberville234Retort Operator
Tucker, Chancellor R. TuckerU-1631Funeral Director
Tull, Richard L. TullE-2533Embalmer & Funeral Director
Tullier, Corey TullierE-2457Embalmer & Funeral Director
Twyman, Jerry TwymanE-2900Embalmer & Funeral Director
Ussin, Evans UssinU1702Funeral Director
Valentine, Donna L. ValentineU-1472Funeral Director
Varner, Kimberly VarnerE-2476Embalmer & Funeral Director
Vaughn, Ronnie E. VaughnE-1934Embalmer & Funeral Director
Veal, Treyowna A. VealE-2803Embalmer & Funeral Director
Veillon, Dominick VeillonU-1229Funeral Director
Vercher, Donald VercherU-1714Funeral Director
Vercher, Thomas Vercher379Retort Operator
Verrett, Bertis VerrettE-2052Embalmer & Funeral Director
Verrette, Alvin L. VerretteE-1211Embalmer & Funeral Director
Vicknair, Lance S. VicknairE-2270Embalmer & Funeral Director
Vicknair, Lance S. Vicknair114Retort Operator
Vige, Stephanie F. VigeE-2283Embalmer & Funeral Director
Villemarette, Jerry G. VillemaretteU-1220Funeral Director
Vincent, Gene J. VincentE-1527Embalmer & Funeral Director
Vincent, Jacques P. VincentE-2179Embalmer & Funeral Director
Walker, James E. WalkerE-1451Embalmer & Funeral Director
Walker, Undra Dwayne WalkerE-2632Embalmer & Funeral Director
Walker, W.D. WalkerE-1686Embalmer & Funeral Director
Walker, Walter A. Walker, Jr.E-1920Embalmer & Funeral Director
Walters, Benjamin Ross WaltersE-2665Embalmer & Funeral Director
Walter-Trotter, Cecile Walters-TrotterU1682Funeral Director
Walters, Eugene J. WaltersE-1564Embalmer & Funeral Director
Ward, Edward Ward, Jr.U-1067Funeral Director
Washington, Byron WashingtonE-2095Embalmer & Funeral Director
Washington, Eugene WashingtonE-1594Embalmer & Funeral Director
Washington, Michael D. WashingtonU-1085Funeral Director
Washington, Ronald B. WashingtonE-2213Embalmer & Funeral Director
Watkins, Warren Watkins340Retort Operator
Watson, Phillip J. WatsonE-2255Embalmer & Funeral Director
Watson, Victor L. WatsonE-1419Embalmer & Funeral Director
Webb, Carolanne WebbE-2897Embalmer & Funeral Director
Webb, James E. WebbE-2128Embalmer & Funeral Director
Weigel, Stefanie Ann WeigelE-2683Embalmer & Funeral Director
Weigel, Stefanie Ann Weigel143Retort Operator
Weis, Harold J. Weis, Jr.U-998Funeral Director
Welch, James Welch372Retort Operator
Wells, Erica Lief WellsE-2754Embalmer & Funeral Director
Wells, Erica Lief Wells208Retort Operator
Wells, Spencer Wells323Retort Operator
West, Mary WestU-1718Funeral Director
West, Shannon S. WestE-2790Embalmer & Funeral Director
Wheeler, Jesse P. WheelerE-2048Embalmer & Funeral Director
Wheeling, Robin WheelingE-2836Embalmer & Funeral Director
Whiddon, David C. Whiddon, Jr.220Retort Operator
White, Christine WhiteE-2905Embalmer & Funeral Director
White, Cornelius L. WhiteE-2405Embalmer & Funeral Director
White, Elaine S. WhiteU-1360Funeral Director
White, Michael A. White306Retort Operator
Whiteman, Regina Rae WhitemanU-1581Funeral Director
Wiggins, Donna S.S. WigginsU-1275Funeral Director
Wiggins, Joe A. WigginsE-2254Embalmer & Funeral Director
Wiggins, Joedy WigginsU-1725Funeral Director
Wilbert, F. Anton WilbertU-1105Funeral Director
Wilbert, F. Anton Wilbert95Retort Operator
Wilbert, Jacob A. WilbertU-1486Funeral Director
Wilbert, Jacob A. Wilbert98Retort Operator
Wilbert, John W. Wilbert, Jr.E-1067Embalmer & Funeral Director
Wilbert, Leslie P. WilbertE-2081Embalmer & Funeral Director
Wilcher, Nicole Charlet WilcherU-1475Funeral Director
Wilemon, Kathy C. WilemonU-1420Funeral Director
Williams, Barbara Ann WilliamsU-1380Funeral Director
Williams, Brian Williams324Retort Operator
Williams, Casandra Gail WilliamsU-1608Funeral Director
Williams, Eddie WilliamsE-2689Embalmer & Funeral Director
Williams, Jermika C. WilliamsE-2512Embalmer & Funeral Director
Williams, Jessica P. Williams272Retort Operator
Williams, Jessica Parfait WilliamsE-2522Embalmer & Funeral Director
Williams, John WilliamsU-1733Funeral Director
Williams, Kentrell WilliamsE-2732Embalmer & Funeral Director
Williams, Marie P. WilliamsU-1180Funeral Director
Williams, Pearlie P. WilliamsU-1402Funeral Director
Williams, Raven M. WilliamsE-2821Embalmer & Funeral Director
Williams, Thomas McKee WilliamsU-1291Funeral Director
Wilson, Betty P. WilsonU-1214Funeral Director
Wimberly, William P. WimberlyE-2335Embalmer & Funeral Director
Winemiller, Jacqueline WinemillerE-2046Embalmer & Funeral Director
Winfield, Netia J. WinfieldE-2276Embalmer & Funeral Director
Womack, Edgar R. Womack130Retort Operator
Wood, James T. WoodE-1878Embalmer & Funeral Director
Woods, Shannon J. WoodsE-2629Embalmer & Funeral Director
Woodson, Ozell Garner WoodsonE-2368Embalmer & Funeral Director
Worley, Emmett R. WorleyE-2005Embalmer & Funeral Director
Worthan, Sherri L. WorthanE-2437Embalmer & Funeral Director
Wright, Don WrightE-2273Embalmer & Funeral Director
Wright, Kenneth WrightE-2817Embalmer & Funeral Director
Wright, Kenneth Wright245Retort Operator
Wright, Zondra WrightU-1618Funeral Director
Wyble, Willie WybleE-1508Embalmer & Funeral Director
Yager, Ryan YagerE-2710Embalmer & Funeral Director
Yager, Ryan341Retort Operator
Yarbrough, Billy G.. YarbroughE-2806Embalmer & Funeral Director
Ybarra, Jessica YbarraE-2777Embalmer & Funeral Director
Yeatts, Leah Young YeattsU-1636Funeral Director
York, Denise YorkE-2360Embalmer & Funeral Director
Young, Douglas C. YoungE-1785Embalmer & Funeral Director
Young, Francis Leo Young, Jr.U-846Funeral Director
Zeuch, Shelby Zeuch263Retort Operator
Zimmerman, Harold J. Zimmerman, Jr.U-1309Funeral Director
Zimmerman, Harold J. Zimmerman, Jr.111Retort Operator