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Welcome to the Louisiana State Board of Embalmers & Funeral Directors

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MISSION:  The Louisiana State Board of Embalmers and Funeral Directors was formed in 1914 under legal citation R.S. 37:831 for the purpose of regulating funeral establishments, crematory authorities, embalmer and funeral directors, funeral directors and retort operators who are engaged in the care and disposition of the deceased in order to protect the public, safety, and welfare.  Mission Note

Follow the links above the banner (landscape photo) for information regarding licensing requirements for funeral establishments, crematories and individuals engaged in the care and disposition of the deceased.  Additional information can be found below.

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 EMAIL: – Kim W. Michel, Executive Director – Heidi L. Penouilh, Executive Assistant

License statistics for Louisiana – Funeral establishments  = 418   Crematory authority = 43                Embalmer and funeral director = 819    Funeral director = 467    Retort operator = 261

If you are interested in becoming licensed as an embalmer and funeral director or as a  funeral director, please review the “Internship Guideline” under the “Fees and Forms” tab above.

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Current Board Members; from left to right, Juan Joseph, Willie Davis, Rev. Shelton Dixon, Rev. Rodney McFarland, Gregory McKneely, Maurice Southall, Louis Charbonnet, Stephen Boudreaux, and Terry Luneau.  

Boards and Commissions information and LA R.S. 37:832, LA R.S. 37:839 and LA R.S. 37:840

Archived agendas and minutes can be found under Notices and Information, see tab above the banner.

Upcoming meetings:

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Meetings are open to the public for personal attendance and virtual. Please use links below for virtual attendance. Agendas will be posted and available prior to the meetings. 

Public Comments will be recognized by submitting the request in writing to the office by email and/or fax.  Public Comments are limited to 3 minutes.

Board Meeting:  June 4, 2024 and June 5, 2024

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Laws & Rules Committee Meeting: August 7, 2024

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