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Organizational Chart

Kim W. Michel E-2307
Executive  Director
LSBEFD Administration, Certemy Admin,
LA State and Employee/Staff Compliance Liaison,
Compliance and Rule Promulgation Coordinator,
Complaint Management, Board Coordinator,
Website Administrator,
CEU Director, CE Broker Correspondent,
Licensed Embalmer and Funeral Director,
Heidi L. Penouilh
Administrative Executive Assistant
Communications, Certemy Administrator,
Internship Compliance Coordinator, Applications/Transcripts review,
Authorization of registration and licensing, License Administration,
Renewal Coordinator/Reconciliation,
Accounts Payable/Accounts Receivable Controller, LA Property Manager, Staff Guidance/Assistance.
R. DeMale Bowden, Jr., CFSP, CCSP – Inspector
E-2646   Retort Operator#:431