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License statistics – Funeral establishments  = 418         Crematory authority = 43                Embalmer and funeral director = 819          Funeral director = 467          Retort operator = 261

Attorney General’s Opinions

AG Opinion 23.0040 A – Cremation Permit Fee by Coroner

AG Opinion 23.0040.A – Summary – Cremation Permit Fee by Coroner

AG Opinion 23-0040 Cremation permit issued by coroner

AG Opinion 22.0099 Transporting costs of remains Coroner

AG Opinion 22.0097 Signature on death certificate after 24 hours – Coroner

AG Opinion 18-0068

AG Opinion 10-0241 Adopted children

AG Opinion 23-0040 Cremation permit fee charged by coroners

COVID19 Information 2020 or  or

LDH Handling of Human Remains

Direct Burial Cremation Summary

COVID 19 – Environmental cleaning disinfecting

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CONSMER ALERT Notice: FTC – Imposters prey on families preparing for the funeral of a loved one.

Burial at Sea Information USEPA

Statement regarding The Conference and the AAMI.

Coroner’s Fees – Notice relating to

FTC CONSUMER Heritage/Legacy      Cremation Provider online  – Legal Information

FTC CONSUMER Heritage/Legacy 

FTC CONSUMER Heritage/Legacy

FTC – Compliance re Civil Penalty increase to $40,654.00

OSHA Trade Release-penalty/fine increase

Cremation information – certification

Record Retention for Funeral Homes – SAMPLE (This is not a requirement. It is an example.)

Military Honor Guard information
DHH Death Certificates Memo

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Notice of Intent – LA State Register – LA Board of Embalmers and Funeral Directors May 20, 2020